suggests a big market for such kits, or

someone doesn’t offer to sell us such

moulds in the future. And neither is out

of the question.

June is invasion month, and we will

take advantage with a 1:72nd scale

B-26B/C Limited Edition using Hasegawa moulds, with everything else of our

own making. Invasion stripes will also

be carried by the Weekend Edition Tempest Mk.V Series 1 in 1:48th, while the

adversary version on the theme will be

provided by the ProfiPACK Fw 190A-6,

another of the new-tooled Fw 190s in

our catalog.

And that brings us into the second

half of the year and puts us on some

thinner ice, because the ice that comes

out of optimistic plans developed over

the preceding winter have a good chance of melting in the heat of summer.

That preceding winter is now, and our

plans for July include a 48th scale ProfiPACK Morane-Saulnier Type N, again

making use of some older forms, and

a 72nd scale L-29 that uses AMK moulds.

That will also be a ProfiPACK kit. In the

Weekend Edition lineup, we’ll be seeing

an F6F-3 Hellcat in 1:48th.

Another Mustang will be along in

time for August and we will shift our

focus onto Pacific P-51Ds with an emphasis on the VLR Mustang of the 5th

Air Army, USAAF. This will be a colourful and attractive theme, and will premiere at the IPMS USA Nationals in San

Marcos in Texas. At the same event, we

are hoping to introduce our new Spitfire Mk.I in 1:48th. If we can make this

in time, the release will echo last year’s

release of the P-51, in the shape of

a very interesting Limited Edition initial

release. The Weekend line will see a return to the aforementioned Bf 108 in


For September, we want to release

the Bf 110G-4 in 1:48th, as a ProfiPACK

kit. This will not be a straight re-release,

and we are planning on a bit of a deviation from the original kit. September is

also when we want to release that delayed Fokker D.VII Royal Box kit in 1:72nd

scale. September will be a significant

month for us and we always take the

lineup of kits for E-day very seriously

and for obvious reasons, we steer the

relreases towards some emphasis on

the home market. For that reason, we

are prepping a 48th scale MiG-19 in the

Limited Edition line, a 1:72nd scale L-29

Delfin in the Weekend Edition category, in the ProfiPACK range there should

be an introduction to a 1:72nd scale

Cmelak, and the ProfiPACK Spitfire Mk.I

in 1:48th will see it’s official premiere.



There were Czechoslovak pilots who

flew the Spitfire Mk.I, so it is also consistent with the national theme.

For November, we are planning on having released our photo reconnaissance

version of the Mustang, the F-6D, again

as a ProfiPACK kit in 1:48th, and a re-release of the MiG-15UTI in 1:72nd, or,

more accurately, the UTI MiG-15. The

Weekend Edition should grow by the

addition of the Bf 109G-6/AS in 48th.

But of course, the ice by the time November rolls around, gets really, really

thin. This can precipitate a lot of changes to the current version of the plan,

and the same, if not moreso, can be said

for December. For the latter, so far we

are anticipating on the release of the

Royal Class edition of the Spitfire, and

anything else is just too up in the air to

go into much detail. For the moment,

we have the Tempest Mk.II in 1:48th in

the development stage, as is the case

with a new effort surrounding the Sopwith Camel. I won’t rule out releasing

one of these this year still, but thinking

realistically, I might place these through the first half of next year instead. In

2021, we will also be releasing the as

yet unreleased versions of the Bf 109,

and these will include the likes of the

Bf 109K-4, the Bf 109G-12 in different

sub variants and the S-199/CS-199. Also

included will be a line of 48th scale Zlin


In terms of accessory items, you will

note the expanded offer of new mask

sets, and these include masks for some

of the lesser known manufacturers,

such as Wingsy’s 1:48th scale Ki-51

Sonia and the W-3A Sokol in the same

scale from the Polish company Answer.

Into this category of lesser known types

can also be added the T-4 in 1:72nd by

Hobby Boss and the 1:48th scale Ar 68

from Roden. We decided that masks for

such peripheral types that are able to

attract some attention from modellers

should be produced.

There is an interesting sortiment of

photoetched sets coming out, first and

foremost for the 1:48th scale B-17G

from HKM, sets for the new ICM B-26B

Invader and the AMK F-14D, as well as

an enhancement set for the the Eiko/F-104J. The ZOOM line includes items

for the Fw 190A-8 (Eduard). In 1:72nd

scale, you’ll find sets covering new Airfix

kits, the MiG-17 and the Buccaneer. Add

to that sets for our own MiG-21PFM

and two other points of interest, sets

for the SBD Dauntless and the TBM/

TBF Avenger from Hasegawa. We decided to redesign these sets and release

them because, among other reasons,

these older kits have been reboxed in

Poland. In 1:32nd scale, I would like to

direct your attention to the sets for the

He 111P rom Revell,and in 1:35th we

have prpared a set for the M4A3(76)

from Meng, in 1:350th we have the first

set for the USS Yorktown (CV-10) from

Trumpeter. There are six new BigEds for

January, two each among them for the

F-104 from Kinetic and for Tamiya’s P-38

in 1:48th.

These kits are also covered in the

Brassin line in the form of new bronze

landing gear legs for the P-38 and several sets of seats, wheels and two LooK

sets for the F-104. There are two other

LooKs, one for the P-47N in 1:32nd scale

(Trumpeter) and one for the MiG-21bis

in 1:48th (Eduard). We are continuing

on with releases of sets for the P-51D

with two sets of external tanks, and there are also wheels for the F-14D (AMK,

1:48th), the MiG-17 (Airfix, 1:72nd) and

the Pe-2 (also 1:72nd, Zvezda). The weapons sets grow by the inclusion of the

AIM-9X in 1:72nd. There is one new BigSin for January, for the P-51D, for, who

else, the Eduard kit. And to be complete, I will note that there are also three

new decal sheets available.

There will be more new photoetched

sets for the HKM B-17G in 1:48th released in February, and very interesting, if only for its dimensions, will be

the LooK set for this kit. In 1:32nd scale,

there will be a set for revell’s Ar 196A-3

and Fw 190F-8, in 1:35th we are getting

ready to release a set for the Pz.38(t)

Ausf. E/F from Tamiya. In 1:72nd scale,

we have decided to make basic sets,

photoetched and masks for the new Polish Yak-1b from Arma Hobby, and in the

same scale, there is also a set for the PT579/588 Torpedo Boat from Revell, and

several Brassin sets, including wheels,

for the Shackleton MR.3 from Revell

and the Buccaneer from Airfix, and also

two Brassin sets fro our new, currently

distributed MiG-21PFM. Furthermore,

there are Brassin seats for the F-14D

from AMK in 48th, two engines for the

D.VII, which are two separate items, the

Mercedes D.III for the Fokker D.VII(OAW) and the BMW IIIa for the Fokker D.

VIIF. Check out also the two new missile

sets in 1:32nd, the AIM-9M/L Sidewinder (632141) and the AIM-7M Sparrow

(632142). We have two new traditional

LooK sets for two different F-104Js in

48th, one is for the Hasegawa/Eduard

kit and the other covers the Kinetic


To write about new accessory items in

any given January newlsetter is always a

task and a half. I never know quite what

to write, and ultimately, describing

what is planned for January and FebruINFO Eduard - January 2020