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Fokker D.VIIF 4282/18, Ltn. d. R. Arthur Laumann, Jasta 10, Bernes, France, August 1918

As an artillery soldier Laumann was sent to pilot training only after many requests in August 1917. Eight months later he joined FA(A) 265,

the unit led by his brother, for just brief service, as he was transferred to Jasta 66 in May. Laumann soon became ace there and even commander of the unit on July 21, 1918. He recorded last five of his 28 victories when leading Jasta 10, where he flew this D.VIIF from the mid

production batch. Apart of the factory „lozenge“ cover, the yellow nose and wide band around the fuselage with his personal AL inscription

made his D.VII something special. The yellow colour of the band was considered only as probable but has been confirmed by his combat

reports. Laumann was one of the pilots flying with optical gunsight mounted in front of the cockpit.

Fokker D.VIIF mil. No unknown, Oblt. Erich Loewenhardt, Jasta 10, Puisieux Ferme,

France, August 1918

Erich Loewenhardt spent first two years of the war with infantry. He started flying in 1916 as an observer. After successful application for

pilot training he joined FA(A) 265 in 1916 prior to undertaking fighter training early in 1917. He joined Jasta 10 thereafter in March 1917. He

was appointed commander of the unit after scoring his first 15 victories on April 1, 1918 and received the Pour le Mérite on May 31. Two

months later, on August 10, he shot down his 54th and last victim, but collided with another pilot from Jasta 11 during this combat. Although

successfully bailing out, his parachute did not open and the Jasta 10 leader fell to his death. No photo of this yellow D.VII is known, but its

appearance is well described by various eye-witness accounts, who described the plane as being “canary yellow”. Contrary to most of the

reconstructions we are convinced the upper side of top wing was yellow, as well as the cowling under the machine guns. This plane was an

early example from the 4250/18 – 4449/18 production batch.

INFO Eduard - January 2021