Choosing the subject for production is

quite complex process at Eduard. It is no

secret or surprise the economy of the project has its say. But it´s not the only voice

we are listening to. It is also of significant

importance, how close is the subject to

our hearts. Sometimes a project emerges,

which is really close and due to that makes

its way to production. One of them is „on

approach“ today, as we are preparing the

line of Zlín Trenér aircraft moulded in 1/48

scale. It is a civilian type, so no aces, no

weapons, no heart-breaking stories about

pilots and their wartime adventures. Just

a trainer and aerobatic aircraft in many

colourful schemes, notoriously known not

only with Czech or Slovak pilots... Trenér

aircraft were and some are still flying in

many other countries. During 73 years

from its maiden flight the Trenér, produced in various modifications, has towed,

trained, and pleased thousands of pilots

around the world. Many of them are modellers as well, which is a little bit tricky

for us to be honest. These people know the

subject inside out, especially the one they

were or are still flying with. And the development of the line from the original Z-26

to the latest variants like Z-726 is a very

complex matter, even more complex than,

for example, the one of Bf 109. So, we all

know here it is a hard task under attentive

eyes of our customers and enthusiasts.

Yes, there are many references and in-

96 eduard

formation we can use and rely on. On the

other side virtually every aircraft of the

line undergone several modifications, upgrades or repaints during its life. Not only

the changes made by factory, but also the

“field” ones. That all makes Trenér (yeas it

means “trainer” as You probably suspect!)

something special. I can hardly find another comparable subject in our production

or development. We have touched this

world of civilian aircraft already with the

Z-37 Bumlebee in 1/72nd scale but moulding and modelling the Trenér line will be

even more “dynamic”.

be able to mould every single aspect of

every airplane. All those small brackets,

differences in instrument panels, radios,

antennae and so on, and so on… Everything has its limits, to be honest. In some

areas we will rely on craftsmanship of the

modellers, on their ability to create small

detail here and there in case of pure perThis leads me to an idea of a new rela- fectionists. But do not worry, the approtionship between Eduard and its customers ach of Eduard to the Trenér line will be as

or fans. We are at the stage, when the 3D attentive and complex as usual with other

design is almost finished, and everything kits. I bet there will be no better Trenér

is prepared for the moulds manufacturing in 1/48th scale for many years to come. So,

process. And we are starting to select the if you would like to be part of our “Treright subjects for our Weekends, Profi ner Expert” team, let us know, please, at

Packs and Limited Edition kits. We know trener@eduard.com. No proposal will be

there are numerous photos among people, overlooked, none stays without answer.

so if you have your favorite Trenér, the That is something I can promise to you!

one you were flying with, or someone of

your relatives or fellows, let us know and

Richard Plos

we will consider it! There are also many

stories about flying this aircraft which

should not be forgotten. It is much longer

in active service than many of us are living,

so it is no wonder…

I must say that I cannot promise every

proposal will make it finally to the box, but

what you can take as granted is, we will

not omit any and give it proper attention

and thoughts. It is also certain we will not

INFO Eduard - January 2021