BL973, F/Lt Stanislav Fejfar, No. 313 (Czechoslovak) Squadron,

RAF Hornchurch, Great Britain, March – May 1942

Stanislav Fejfar, a member of Czechoslovak Air Force before the

war, flew as a commander of 45th Fighter Squadron based in Slovakia during the Munich crisis. He scored his first two kills during

the Battle of France as a member of Armee de l’Air flying MS.406

with GC I/6. On July 12, 1940 he arrived in the Great Britain aboard

the ship Neuralia. On September 9, he started his operational career as a Pilot Officer with No. 310 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF

scoring his first out of three kills claimed during the Battle of Britain. On July 21, 1941 he joined No. 313 (Czechoslovak) Squadron as

a F/Lt in the position of a B Flight leader. Stanislav Fejfar perished

on May 17, 1942 in the cockpit of Spitfire Mk.Vb BL973 during the Ramrod 33 mission. He was shot down by Hptm. Josef Priller between

Guines and Audebert in the northern France. Couple of days earlier

Priller also shot down Sergeant Karel Pavlík, author of Pluto the

Dog nose art on Fejfar’s Spitfire.

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