P8342, Sgt. Marcin Machowiak, No. 306 (Polish) Squadron,

RAF Northolt, Great Britain, August 1941

No. 306 (City of Torun) (Polish) Squadron, one

of ten Polish fighter squadrons in the RAF,

was formed on August 28th, 1940 at RAF

Church Fenton. The squadron was formed

with the personnel and traditions of the pre-war Polish Toruński Dywizjon Myśliwski. The

unit received the Spitfire Mk.IIb in mid July

1941 to replace its Hurricane Mk.IIa aircraft.

The nose art and name CERAM on P8342 are

probably a remnant from previous service

with No. 145 Squadron. The aircraft was heavily damaged shortly after being repainted

in accordance with the Day Fighter Scheme

requirement, when Sgt. Machowiak made

a forced landing at RAF Biggin Hill on August

28th , 1941, after combat with a Bf 109F. Sgt.

Machowiak achieved a kill of another Bf 190F

during the Circus 88 operation. He later became a member of the Polish Fighting Team,

also known as the Skalski Circus, which was

actually C Flight of No. 145 Squadron in North


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