Spitfire Mk.Va,

new production

Figure 5:

13. All-metal ailerons

14. Eight 7.7 mm caliber Browning machine guns

15. Larger oil cooler with the circular air intake

Spitfire Mk.Vb early

Spitfire Mk.Vb early,

conversion from Mk.Ia

Figure 6:

1. Rotol RX5/24 constant speed propeller

2. Straight exhausts

3. 2 in thick outer armor glass mounted on the windshield

4. Convex sliding canopy with a ventilation opening

5. TR.1133 radio antenna mast without antenna wires

6. Rudder missing antenna mast



7. 20 mm caliber Hispano Mk.1 cannons

8. Older, smaller oil cooler with the U-shaped air intake. These

coolers were replaced on the assembly lines with new, larger

oil coolers with a circular air intake and were retro-fitted to

the airframes initially manufactured with smaller coolers

INFO Eduard - January 2022