KITS 01/2022

Z-126, OK-IHO, No. 705, Brno-Slatina Aero Club, spring 1977

The Z-126 of serial number 705 served with the army as C 105-234 from March 30, 1954. It was entered into the civil register on

December 18, 1958 and served with the Brno Aero Club for many years. In the spring of 1977, it had only about five flying hours left

in its service life, so the members of the Aero Club decided to “decorate” the aircraft a little. The shark's mouth motif was chosen,

but when the then regional chief technician engineer of the Svazarm (Union for civilian cooperation with army) saw the work, he

was not impressed and demanded the painting to be removed. However, the situation was saved by the regional chief of Svazarm,

Colonel Holubář, who immediately declared that he wanted to fly the painted Trener first. And so, the new design was approved...

Finally, this Trener was removed from the register on July 21, 1977.

Z-126T, OK-MFV, v. no. 168, Aeroklub Kladno, 2020

When the OK-JHA Z-126 Trener ended its service with Kladno Aero Club due to the end of its technical lifespan in November 2013,

its engine together with the propeller and engine cowls were transported to ZLIN-AVION Service company in Otrokovice. In the

same direction, the Z-226MS airframe of the OK-MFV matriculation headed to mate with OK-JHA´s parts to create new Z-126T.

As part of this conversion, the newly built aircraft also received the original livery and OK-MFV matriculation. It was test-flown in

January 2014 and is still flying with Kladno Aero Club. The “donor” of the engine and of other parts, OK-JHA, was manufactured in

1955 and subsequently stored at the manufacturer´s premises before being handed over to the Svazarm on March 1, 1957. It was

flown mainly at Točná and Kladno, where it ended its journey.

INFO Eduard - January 2022