Bf 109G-6, MT-508, luutnantti (Lieutenant) Arvo Arima, HLeLv 31, Air Race, Utti, Finland, June 1950

Utti air base had a mid-summer festival open day on June 23rd, 1950. It held an air show, to which participated

a total of twelve Mersus, from both HLeLv 31 and HLeLv 33. It culminated at 7 pm to an American Reno style air

race around the pole with four specially marked planes. MT-508 was plane B and at the controls was luutnantti Arvo

Arima. He received the flying training in 1940-41 and flew as a reconnaissance pilot with LeLv 14 until demobilized

on November 12th, 1944. In 1947-51 he enlisted again with HLeLv 31. Arima died on July 18th, 1977.

The MT-508 also took part in the races; this aircraft was equipped with longer tailwheel leg. The camouflage

of this aircraft is complemented by distinguishing marking in a form of blue and white squares forming a chessboard

on the fuselage; there is a letter B on the fuselage and on top of the port wing, where it is accompanied by other

white complements, which were also painted on the left tail part. Regarding the fact that the racers flew in circles, the

historians came to conclusion that the aircraft the racers flew were marked on the left side only.

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