Bf 109G-14, W. Nr. 464380, Magg. M. Bellagambi,

CO of 5a Squadriglia, 2o Gruppo Caccia,

Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana, Osoppo, Italy, March 1945

After the declaration of Italian Social Republic on September 18th,

1943, a puppet state on the territory of Italy, occupied by German

military under the command of Benito Mussolini, Germany allowed this

Republic to establish its own military force of four divisions. Its air force

component called Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana consisted of two

fighter plane groups (Gruppo Caccia), torpedo groups (Gruppo Aerosiluranti Buscaglia) and several transportation squadrons. In 1945, both

fighter plane squadrons flew Messerschmitts Bf 109G-6/G-10/G-14. The

commander of 5a Squadriglia, called Diavoli Rossi, was Maggiore Mario

Bellagambi, a fighter ace with 14 shot downs. After WWII, in 1949, he

was, once again, admitted to Italian air force where he, prior to his retirement, became a Generale di brigata aerea. He died in Florence on June

25th, 2001.

Bellagambi’s 109 is camouflaged with RLM 74/75/76 colours, the sides

of the fuselage are very likely darkened with Italian Verde Oliva Scuro 2

colour. The same colour is applied to the stain underneath the red devil, the

emblem of 5a squadriglia. The rudder, supplied by one of the subcontractors, bears a camouflage painted in RLM 81 and 82. It is probable that the

bottom engine part was yellow or repainted by RLM 76. The yellow lining

of fuselage marking of the ANR aircraft is, compared to other aircraft,

reversed or bears yellow triangles around the flag.

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