Bf 109E-7/B, 8./ZG 1, Belgorod, Soviet Union, June 1942

The III. Gruppe, of which the 8. Staffel was a part, was established in January 1942 in

Lechfeld and was equipped like the other Gruppe Zerstörergeschwader 1 with Bf 109E

aircraft. Its first deployment followed from May 1942 on the Eastern Front. Here it flew

first from Belgorod field airfield, followed by a move to Kutejnikovo airfield in July. In

August there was a further change of operation, the unit was first equipped with the

problematic Me 210s and its new area of operation was North Africa.

Like the other ZG 1 aircraft, the Messerschmitt Bf 109Es of the 8. Staffel had a wasp painted on the nose, which had originally been the marking of the SKG 210 unit, from which

the I. and II. Gruppe ZG 1 were formed by renaming in January 1942.

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