Dear Friends,

March is the month when many

of our centres of attention from Nuremburg hit the market. Today marks

the official availability of our 1:48

scale Fw 190A-5 and the 1:72nd scale Limited Edition Riders In The Sky,

the subject of which is the Liberator

GR.Mk.V (with the GR. Mk.III also

represented). Details on this subject

can be gotten later in this newsletter

and if it’s not enough for you, go to

our Facebook page. Over the past

couple of weeks we have posted

an enormous amount of information about these kits and you’ll find

all the information there you could

possibly need. If you still have any

questions, please feel free to write

us. We answer any and all questions

on the matter. I am happy to answer

your questions myself and do so as

often as I can. What you may not

find out from the Facebook posts is

that these kits will be accompanied

by a slew of offers to the BFC members. This will include an expanded

assortment of markings options and

will include Liberator Mk.V BZ780

with which the well known pre-war

boxer and No.311 Squadron member Vilem Jaks perished. This is something aimed purely at the Czech

market, with possible Slovak interest

as well. Most of the Libs in the package are the same same, the main

differences being the serial number and aircraft letter. This generally applies to the entire RAF, but all

of the thirteen aircraft that are depicted in the kit have an extremely

interesting history to tell.

The BFC offering for the Fw 190A-5

Fw 190A-5/U12 gun pods



will garner a higher level of attention

internationally and will be a more involved item. This will include cannon

pods in resin, and will include only

one marking option, though it will

be the interesting and well known

aircraft flown by Lt. Hosum of 2./JG

11 from April, 1943. This BFC item

will be a bit more expensive than

the typical offering, but given its attractiveness and layout, I think this

will be considered justified. Both of

the BFC items will become available

in all likelihood in April, and there will

be certainly more to write about in

that month’s newsletter. The March

assortment of BFC items is also expanding, and this by the BF 109G-14

of Erich Hartmann as it appeared

in January, 1945 when the aircraft

was flown by Uffz. Anton Kellmayer,

a member of 7./JG 52 based at Babolnapuszta in Hungary. Techniaclly,

it was no longer Hartmann’s machine, but it gain in appearance by the

addition of an emblem on the engine cowl and a yellow V identifier on

the wing.

After a very long absence, we are

putting the 1:48th scale Fokker D.VIII

back in circulation in March, earlier offered as the Fokker E.V. The

only modification to this relates to

the markings options. First and foremost, this covers the lozenge pa-

ttern, an integral part of most of the

options in the kit. The colours of

the hexagons have been brought to

conform with the latest information

uncovered. The final of the kits for

the month is the Weekend Edition of

the Avia Bk.534 in 1/72nd scale. This

kit is dedicated to one of the more

famous of uses of the type, that as

a testbed for landing equipment for

aircraft being planned for the aircraft carrier Graff Zeppelin.

In March, we are preparing a significant event connected to the new

MiG-21MF. A while back I committed

to attending a contest at Prostejov

and to prepare a preproduction kit

of the new MiG-21 that would be

available there. And if we were committed to making such a kit, it would

available to all those that were interested with the condition that they

attend the show to pick the kit up

personally and so become the first

modellers to won the model. Those

that order the kit by mail won’t be

able to get theirs until the beginning

of April. The model will be very specific in many ways, such as it will not

include a tree with weapons because

these will not meet the deadline for

the show. To compensate, Brassin

pylons and rockets will be included

instead. The decal sheet will be

downgraded to offer a single marking option and an instrument panel

with side consoles. There will also be

a limited number of stencil data on

this sheet. The kit will include masks

but no photoetched. In all, this may

paint this version of the kit in an unfavourable light, but I would suggest

waiting to see the actual item before

passing judgement on it.

As far as accessory sets that go on

sale today are concerned, I would

point out the collection of brass

items for the B-2A where first and

foremost the wheel wells and bomb

bay are covered. A very comprehensive collection of four photoetched

sets and a mask set are available

for ICM’s He 111H-3 in 1:48th scale.

INFO Eduard - March 2018