As usual, we are also releasing sets

for our own kits that coincide with

the introduction of said kits. This

applies to the Liberator as well

as the Fw 190A-5 in the form of photoetched and Brassin items. In both

cases, these are certainly significant

items as far as this month’s releases

are concerned. However, the more

interesting Liberator items are due

to arrive in April. These will include

the superchargers, bomb bay doors

and retractable rocket rails that were

carried in the bomb bay. Renders of

these items can be found in the section of forthcoming items below.

As of today, we are selling paints

by Mission Models. For now, only in

the Czech Republic and only at the

retail level. The reasons for taking on

this line can be listed, as there are

several. As an example, they have no

strong odour, despite not being water colours by any means, and being

ammonia based. They are intended

to be diluted with a specific thinner.

They are water soluble and we recommend using water only for the

cleaning of your airbrush. There is

a specific thinning formula that uses

less thinner than paint. The paints

include a dropper so that the procedure is greatly streamlined. Actually,

INFO Eduard - March 2018

the use of these paints is very user

friendly. The paints are safe to use,

non-flammable, and can be shipped

by air allowing for easier and regular restocking. The tones look very

good and there is a good assortment

of shades available in this growing

range. Our next shipment will already include new items. I have nothing

but good to say about these paints,

but what do you expect when I decided i wanted to carry this line? I invite you to try them out and decide

for yourself.

I hope to see some of you at Prosek which is coming up fast. Keep

an eye on our Facebook page which

will give you more information than

here. March will be an interesting

month to watch us from there.

Happy Modelling

Vladimir Sulc