Bf109G-14, Oblt. R. Schlegel, CO of 10./ JG 4, Jüterbog – Damm, Germany, March 1945

Rolf Schlegel was born on June 14th, 1922 in Saxony. After his successful passing of the training he was sent to serve at 11./JG 2

that fought British pilots above the English Channel. He and his unit were soon moved over to African battlegrounds. Over there, Schlegel

suffered injuries. After his recovery he continued at EKdo 16, which was a tester squadron testing the rocket-powered Me 163 aircraft.

In summer 1944 he started to serve at JG 4, namely at its Sturmgruppe. This unit flew heavily armed Fw 190A-8/R2s. Later, he flew

Bf 109s at III. Gruppe JG 4. Prior to the end of the war he was transferred to JG 7 flying jet-powered 262 Messerschmitt’s. He shot down

two enemy aircraft in combat.

The aircraft is bearing a typical camouflage of the later 109s produced in Erla factory in Leipzig. The plane’s original marking is covered

by fresh RLM 74 paint and the nose of the plane has JG 4 emblem. Wide stripes around the tail of the plane were typical for JG 4 fleet.

These aircraft served as Defence of the Reich (Reichsverteidigung).

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