This was what the ground crew did to their MiG-21MF at Sliac for its ferry flight to receive

its general overhaul. Since this was at a time when the overhaul included the stripping of the original paint, there was no risk of incurring the wrath of the powers

that be, and the crews were pretty much free to decorate their machines to

their hearts’ desire. Aircraft ‘8207’ was delivered in October, 1973, to

the 6th sbolp and served with the unit until disbandment. After that,

it was reassigned to the 81st sslt at Sliac. The general overhaul

was not completed until after the split of the state in 1993.

It was stricken off charge at Sliac in 1997.

MiG-21MF ‘8207’, 81st sslt, Sliac, summer, 1992.