JN766, No. 486 (RNZAF) Squadron, RAF Station Castle Camp, Great Britain, April 1944

No. 486 Squadron was established on March 7th, 1942 at Kirton in Lindsey, and were manned almost exclusively by New Zealanders. Initially, the unit

was equipped with Hurricanes but later was given the Hawker Typhoon. The unit’s impressive record led to it being one of the first units to chosen to fly the

Tempest Mk. V. These new aircraft began to arrive through January and February 1944. It became part of the No. 150 Wing armed with the Tempest and

was deemed fully combat ready in April 1944.

The camouflage schemes of the new Tempests were composed of the so-called Day Fighter Scheme, with Dark Green and Ocean Grey upper and side

surfaces and Medium Sea Grey lower surfaces. At this time, the bottom surfaces of the wings of Typhoons and Tempests were marked with black and white

stripes for the purposes of easier identification of friendly aircraft. The specified width of the white segments was 24 inches and the black were to be 12

inches. The stripes were deleted from Typhoons on 7 February 1944 but Tempests carried them until 20 April 1944.

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