KITS 03/2021

Albatros D.V Jasta 37, Wasquehal airfield, France, July 1917

Lieutenant Ernst Udet was transferred from Jasta 15 to Jasta 37 at his own request on July 26, 1917. This posting came at his own request,

since several of his old comrades from his days at Kampfeinsitzer Kommando were now serving with Jasta 37. This silver painted Albatros

D.V was supposedly his first plane in Jasta 37, and all known photos show it with an immaculate overall finish. The black-and-white striped

tail was the unit marking of Jasta 37, retained until the end of the war, but it is not clear whether the light stripes on this aircraft were white

or silver. The silver colour was an overall finish applied to the plane, the metal cowling and spinner were painted black and there was a black

stripe applied to the wheel hub, on this plane (also on the inner wheel covers). The “LO” marking was placed quite close to the cockpit. The

military number of this machine is unknown, as well as its´ eventual fate.

Albatros D.V, 4476/17, Jasta 37, Phalempin Airfield, France, September 1917

Udet´s silver Albatros D.V was followed by a second aircraft of the same type that appeared in a less spectacular finish. Albatros D.V 4476/17

retained its wooden fuselage factory finish, with just the “LO” marking applied, this time located a bit closer to the fuselage cross. The personal marking received the addition of a white outline to give it a three-dimensional appearance here. For some time, a telescopic gunsight

was fitted, as well as larger windscreen. None of these features were seen again on any of his later aircraft known. Quite short Udet certainly

did not need a tall windscreen. The wings of this aircraft were covered in five-colour aircraft fabric (Flugzeugstoff), on both surfaces. Again,

the fate of this plane is unknown. It was either destroyed in a crash or handed over to a new pilot and re-painted, both these cases were

quite common.

INFO Eduard - March 2021