Albatros D.Va, Jasta 37, Wynghenge Airfield, France, late 1917/early 1918

Udet was named commander of Jasta 37 on November 7, 1917, after the previous Jasta commander Oblt. Kurt Grasshoff has been posted

away to lead Jasta 37. In his new position Udet flew this black-fuselage D.Va during the winter of 1917/18. The chevron marking on the nose

was applied in unusual position. On all his three known Albatros fighters in this unit the “LO” was applied in an angular manner. The lower

wings of this aircraft were covered in five-colour aircraft fabric (Flugzeugstoff), while the upper surfaces were most likely painted in the usual

two-tone camouflage. This mix was seen on at least one other Jasta 37 Albatros fighter, too. Two white stripe markings can be seen on the

leading edge of the upper wing in photos, and we have interpreted this as two chevrons similar to the ones on the nose. Unfortunately, no

clear view showing the top surface of the upper wing is known. One day, possibly during an icy winter day during February 1918, this aircraft

flipped, most likely during a failed landing attempt. Udet would remain with Jasta 37 until March 8, 1918, when he was posted away to join

the most famous German fighter units of them all, Manfred von Richthofen´s Jasta 11.

INFO Eduard - March 2021