11./JG 300, Prague – Kbely, Czechoslovakia, May 1945

The aircraft found in front of the hangar at Prague-Kbely airport in the end of war comes from the production series 152xxx. The aircraft from

this manufacturing batch had wings featuring larger bulges on the upper sides enabling the installation of the larger wheels i.e. the same type

used on Bf 109G-10 planes manufactured at WNF factory and it’s Diana branch. The fuselage and wings were probably spray painted in RLM

81/82 colors even though some researchers incline towards a single color camouflage variation sprayed in RLM 81. The wing lower surfaces

were not painted at all with the exemption of parts coming from subcontractors which were painted in RLM 76. The engine cowling, coming

from a different airframe, is camouflaged in RLM 74/75/76 colors. Of the serial number painted on the vertical tail surface only first three

digits (152) and the last one (6) are legible.

INFO Eduard - March 2021