KITS 03/2022

F-51D-30, 45-11705, Lt. Robert H. Dewald, 35th FBS, 8th FBG, Seoul City AB (K-16),

Korea, December 1950

8th Fighter Bomber Group (FBG) composed of 35th

FBS, 36th FBS and 80th FBS was part of the Japan

Occupational Forces operating their F-80 Shooting

Stars in the Western Japan. Its Headquarters was

located at Itazuke air base. After the outbreak of war

in Korea its aircraft were among the first to take part

in the combat. Due to the Shooting Star short range

it was decided to equip two squadrons (35th and 36th

FBS) with propeller-driven F-51 Mustang which started to provide the air support for the ground units

fighting in Korea. One of the 35th FBG Mustangs was

the aircraft christened Ramblin’ Reck III piloted by Lt.

Dewald, who at the beginning of the conflict , flying

F-80 shot down a North Korean Il-10 attacking Kimpo

air base. On June 5, 1951 this Mustang met its fate

when flying a combat mission was shot down by anti-aircraft fire and crashed into the rice fields near

Chinnampo. Its pilot, Capt. Ronald R. Cree from the

67th FBG did not survive the crash.

F-51D-25, 44-73073, Lt. Daniel E. Parr, 12th FBS, 18th FBG,

Pusan East AB (K-9), Korea, summer 1951

18th Fghter Bomber Group (FBG), equipped with F-80C

and located at Clark air base in Philippines, after the

outbreak of fighting transferred to Taegu air base in

the south of Korea. In the same manner as at the 8th

FBG its F-80 jets were replaced by propeller-driven

F-51 Mustangs which were better suited for their as-

signed combat tasks i.e. close air support of the ground

units. The noses of the 18th FBG Mustangs were frequently decorated with the shark mouths and this aircraft, named LIZ PIUS 3 and flown by Lt. Parr followed

the custom. 18th FBG Mustangs recognition markings

were the propeller spinner, wingtips and tips of the ho-

rizontal and vertical tail surfaces painted in blue color.

In 1951 this Mustang was handed over to No.2 Squadron

SAAF which flew within 18th FBG as well. On February

20, 1952 this airframe life came to an end when due

to the battle damage a South African pilot crashed it

upon landing at Chinhae air base.

F-51D-30, 44-74597, Maj. Murrit H. Davis, CO of 39th FIS, 18th FBG,

Seoul City AB (K-16), Korea, August 1951

In the summer of 1951, Major Davis, WWII combat

veteran having flown P-39 and P-40 with 347th FG

in 145 missions, commanded the 39th FIS which was

incorporated into 18th FBG. On August 14, 1951 he flew

his 35th mission in Korea. It was a raid on the North

Korea capital, Pyongyang, where he together with

another eleven Mustangs executed a devastating

March 2022

napalm attack on the city warehouses. During the

attack his Mustang was hit and on the return flight

the engine failed resulting in the aircraft crash killing the pilot. Major Davis flew the Mustang christened SEXY SALLY II sporting a pin-up girl artwork.

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