No. 5066, 927th Fighter Regiment, Noi Bai AB, Democratic Republic of Vietnam,

February 1972

On February 3rd, 1972 Major General Tran Qui Hai ordered to establish the 927th Fighter Regiment

at the Noi Bai base (currently Hanoi International Airport). The squadron was equipped with MiG-21PFMs and the commander of the unit was Nguyen Hong Nhi. His task was cooperation with their sister

921th Fighter Regiment conducting the operational flights north of 20th parallel. The pilots of the 927th

Fighter Regiment currently fly Sukhoi Su-30MK2 taking off from Kép base.

The MiG-21PFMs were also used for night flying and for the reasons of better camouflage; the plane

with a number code 5066, was repainted on all of its surfaces by green color (handpainted).

Accessories used:

48783 MiG-21PFM exterior

648031 MiG-21 seat early

648049 MiG-21 wheel wells

648080 MiG-21 undercarriage legs BRONZE

648110 MiG-21PFM wheels

648117 MiG-21PF/PFM exhaust nozzle

648125 R-3S / AA-2 Atoll-A

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