Dear Friends,

I will begin today’s intro to the

newsletter with some information

of a technical nature that I think

you will find useful. I’ll begin with

the 1/72nd scale MiG-21MF which

had a bit of a premier on Friday in

Prostejov at their traditional Easter contest despite not really being

scheduled for release for another

month. The show presented an

opportunity for the development of

this pre-release premier and fulfilled

a promise to the show organizers

for something truly unique for the

event. I think that an all-new, previously unseen new tool MiG-21 in

this scale filled the bill nicely. A nice

touch was the fact this all occurred

in the town where the first Czechoslovak plastic kits were ever produced, not to mention one of the MiG-21MF, at Kovozavody Prostejov!

We were not able to complete

development of the ProfiPACK kit

in time for the show, limited by the

production of the sprue tree containing the weapons. For this reason,

we developed this special edition

dubbed ‘Library Edition‘ in which

the armament (or lack of) is compensated for by Brassin R-3S missiles. The deadline for prepayment

of this kit passed yesterday and the

kits that didn’t make it to Prostejov

will begin going out at the end of the

week. I would like to thank all those who pre-paid for this kit and for

their trust in us, and I hope that the

potential of this unique kit gaining

in value over time pans out, as the

number produced did not exceed


The ProfiPACK incarnation of the

1/72nd scale MiG-21, the MiG-



Vladimir Sulc receiving the Best

Team Award on „Easter Prostejov“ competition last weekend.

-21MF INTERCEPTOR will, naturally,

be about something quite different

with respect to contents and numbers produced alike. An interesting

difference with this kit will be that in

the original, the rudder was moulded

separately whereas in the ProfiPACK

and later versions, this item will be

integral with the fin. The reasons as

to why this came about, and why the

first ProfiPACK is dubbed INTERCEPTOR, will be discussed in the next

newsletter. Those who don’t want

to wait until May 1st to check this

kit out will have two earlier opportunities to get acquainted. The first,

relevant to mainly Czech customers,

will be on April 18th at the Artur Model Centrum store in Prague. There,

we will be having a little information

gathering get-together and discussing the MiG-21s as well as other

new items such as AFRIKA, which is

a Limited Edition Dual Combo item

with two Bf 109, one F-4 and one

G-2 in the boxing, and the Typhoon

Mk.Ib Bubbletop, an upcoming Limited Edition item as well. The next

one will be the following weekend in

Hungary at Mosonmagyarovar, where the new ProfiPACK will go on sale

for the first time. Information about

this kit, such as its contents and layout, can also be gotten through

the month of April on our Facebook

page, and I heartily recommend

a visit to said page, because often, it

gets very interesting.

In case the 48th scale guys are

feeling a certain MiG-21 nostalgia,

we also have a new Limited Edition

version of that kit coming out in the

form of the PFM model called VIETNAM. We thought that this would

be a good counterbalance to the

successful Phantom IIs we did under



Incidentally, the second 72nd scale

ProfiPACK kit will also be released

under the Vietnam theme titled FIGHTER BOMBER. Our president likes

the Chinese, and we like the Vietnamese, as we do our boxarts depicting

actual historical situations, and in

this case, the situation depicted is

a very significant one that we simply

could not resist. Another historically

inspired boxart can be found among

the new releases covering the Spitfire Mk.VIII in 1/72nd scale. Some

may protest that it’s a bit of an odd

depiction showing Spitfires firing

on junks, but frankly, on Java, there was not much else to shoot at at

the time and the junks were known

to be used for carrying supplies to

the Japanese and reinforcements.

I know that those that still prefer the

older style of boxart will not be easily converted, but I hold out hope

that our chosen route will find at

least understanding among them

in the next twenty to thirty years.

If anyone wants to go to our AUSSIE

EIGHT publication, available as a BFC

stand alone item as of last week,

it touches on this theme.

This is a part of our promised expanded BFC activity which was aluded to earlier. In March, we released

two publications exclusively to the



both in expanded second editions.

Also as a club item was the 1/32nd

scale Dottie Mae with a figure, the

combination of which some precieved as a bit expensive, but it should

INFO Eduard - April 2018