Gloster Gladiator Mk.I (J8), 278, Flygflottilj 19, Finland, March 1940

One of a dozen planes of the Swedish volunteer Flygflottilj 19 unit sent to Finland in an attempt to help in the Winter War against Russia. The aircraft were

marked with large yellow letters on the rudder (from Ato J) and sported a modified camouflage scheme which was applied in two ways: The planes received from Britain in

the silver scheme were painted with fields of dark grey, while those camouflaged green on top and grey underside received fields of aluminum, which consequently made them

three colour schemes. This is the case of this plane. The blue Finnish swastikas were overpainted after the ceasefire agreement on March 13th, 1940. Prior to their return back

to Sweden, the pilots and mechanics painted different personal symbols on both sides of their remaining planes. Also, a white skull was added to the fin. This aircraft reverted

back to its original colour scheme after returning from Finland and served until June 30th, 1945, recording total of 699 flying hours. Currently, it is on display at the aviation

museum in Linköping, but with a non original camouflage schemeapplied during restoration.

INFO Eduard - April 2020