Photo: SDASM


Photo: SDASM

The most modern aircraft that naval fighter pilots got into service was the Fokker E.V. It was used by both Marine Feld Jasta units and Seefrontstaffel. However, due to problems

with the quality of production of the wing, planes had to be withdrawn from combat. The machine with the military number 138/18 was photographed a lot, Sachsenberg posed with

his comrades-in-arms in one of the pictures in front of her.

Junkers J.10 (CL.I) with military number 1802/18 was taken over by Idflieg in October 1918. Sachsenberg's unit in 1919 in the Baltics was equipped also with this type. The machine

1802/18 was assigned in the year 1919 to Freiwilligen Flieger Abteilung 417, which belonged to Kampfgeschwader Sachsenberg.

INFO Eduard - April 2021