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Spitfire Mk.I early


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K9797, Sgt. George Unwin, No. 19 Squadron, RAF Duxford, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, October 1938

The aircraft is equipped with a double-bladed propeller, a flat canopy, an older type of pitot tube and a protection against parachute catching, installed on the tail. K9797 was the 11th production Spitfire and in October 1938 it was delivered to No. 19 Squadron, RAF Duxford.

K9797 flew a total of 88 hours 55 minutes. It was written off after the accident on March 9th, 1939. While acting as a target aircraft during

gun practice, the engine stopped, and the pilot deliberately crashed to avoid the children´s playground. The pilot was the future Wing Commander George Cecil Unwin DSO, DFM & Bar (1913-2006). During Operation Dynamo, he shot down three aircraft (Hs 126, Bf 110 and

He 111). The Battle of Britain allowed him to raise the total by another eleven kills.

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