2nd place in online competition at Facebook Eduard Model Builders Group

Built by Mariusz Hasiuk

Mariusz Hasiuk has built his model based on our 1/48 scale kit Bf 109G-10

Erla (cat. no. 82164). In addition he used our Bf 109G-10 Engine set (cat. no.

648441) and our 1/48 set of Bf 109 G External Fuel Tanks (cat. no. 648265).

As a last but not least the seat was fitted with 1/48 HGW Models Luftwaffe

(Late) Seatbelts (cat. no. 148015).

For painting were used MR.PAINT colors and HD Sattin varnish by Vantage

Model Solutionsn (VMS). Weathering was done with Ammo Mig Weathering

Pencils, AK Interactive Enamels/Washes and 502 Abteilung Oil Paints.

68 eduard

INFO Eduard - April 2021