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relevance to reality. And the more the pro- forward, some a step backwards. And so,

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Are you thinking of parallels with mode- share the information with you?

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In the last issue of the newsletter, you

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of the Bf 109G-6. It is titled “Horror Over

What constitutes a nice box can be argu- Kalamaki”, and it explains a lot about the

ed, of course. The layout alone is one thing, unfortunate B-25 and, also about the Gerbut the most important element of it is man fighters around. In the next issue, you

the boxart. In this regard, it occurs to me will find out about events surrounding

that at one point, there was a boxart-less another new release for this month, the

component to the approach regarding this,

because some smart guy responsible for

general pleasure (it may have emerged in

Germany, I think, but may have appeared

all over today’s EU), forced through the

notion that a drawing on the cover was

a deterrent for the end user, and the only

acceptable form of representation was a

photo of the completed model. I am sure

you recall these “photo of assembled and

painted model” boxes. The saving grace

came when it was argued that the same

methodology would have to be applied to

all consumer goods (which, in some cases,

aroused a certain level of distress), and so

legislators did not implement this “sound”

approach to mandating boxart.

Among modellers, there are certainly

fans of the classic, hand drawn depictions

from the masters of the brush, angles and

pastels, as well as the more progressive

types that find an affinity for often photographic quality digital art. It’s against the

grain… you know the type. But, as a manufacturer, you have to pick. Eduard has long

been a fan of the hand crafted item, and

strove to hire the best. I recall the work

of Petr Stepanek and Martin Novotny. Neither, sadly, is with us any longer. But their

work has remained with us that stands

up well even today. Currently, we rely on

INFO Eduard - April 2021

Pfalz D.IIIa. This is another interesting

story to recount. Just the labor required to

conclude what the shot-down Camel likely

looked like was some job, same as it was

to figure out and conclude the marking of

the unlucky B-25. It’s not always possible

to put together all of the information before deadlines arrive. If you look closely

at the Horror Over Kalamaki painting, you

will note three differences from the boxart. The reason is clear. For the longest

time, we couldn’t figure out the fuselage

code of the downed aircraft. I personally

went through dozens and dozens of 340th

BG photographs from various sources, to

find 42-64540, but nothing turned up. She

was an anonymous ship, and so didn’t attract the attention of photographers. So,

we attached a code that was not eliminated as a possibility from the photographic

evidence at our disposal, and hoped for

a bullseye. We missed. Unfortunately too

late, we received information from Mr. Daniel Setzer, the son of a 340th BG member

(to whom we are nevertheless vastly indebted). The box for the kit as well as the

poster had by then been printed. Even so,

we had the artist change the artwork, so

that we could at least present the corrected item in this form. I sincerely hope that

the boxart won’t be slammed on various

forums under the headings like “boxart

fails”. I think this should not be lumped in

the same class of boxarts that were not

afforded much interest and energy by the

manufacturer of the kit or the artist. And I

would finish off by stating that we, at Eduard, do not try to add that added, cheap sugar I mention at the beginning, but rather

the quality ingredients while not forgetting that “covers sell”. The stories that the

boxarts depict are considered by us to be

integral to this. We all hope that this will

be appreciated by you.

Richard Plos