Detail of the damage on the left side of the Ka-52.

Russian Mi-8 helicopter shot down on March 5.

Russian Mi-35 shot down on March 5.

Russian Su-30 shot down on March 5.

refore Ukraine managed to deploy more

than 20 of them successfully against the

Russian columns. Bayraktar means flag

bearer. The aircraft span is 12 meters and

is 6.5 meters long. Maximum speed is 220

kph and control station range is 150 km.

The ordnance of guided bombs and rockets

can be carried on four racks. The maximum

take off weight is 650 kilos out of which 150

kilos is the weapons load. The Ukrainians

kept deploying them with such success

Russian Su-25 shot down on Mar 4.

April 2022

that the song about them was composed. It

is possibly the first song about the armed

drone in the world and is extremely catchy.

You were warned in case you decide to look

it up on Youtube!

Death of the giants

The Russian paratroopers' offensive operations dominated the first days of the war.

They attacked Hostomel airport north of

Kiev which belongs to the Antonov com-

pany and was the largest cargo airport in

Ukraine. The intention was clear - secure

the airport for aircraft carrying troops earmarked for the direct attack on the Ukrainian capital. However, this mission failed.

The first wave of troops deployed from

approximately 30 helicopters were annihilated by the Ukrainian military. Next day

the second wave arrived, this time aboard

200 helicopters. They managed to recapture the airport but fierce fighting continued

in the surrounding areas for several more

days. At this time the frontline runs near

the city. The attack of Russian paratroopers

deployed from the helicopters on Kharkiv

also failed. During the battle of Hostomel

Antonov An-225 Mrija, the largest aircraft

in the world, was completely destroyed. Its

loss was reported on February 27. Later the

photographs showed that it had burnt in the

hangar. Mrija’s wingspan was 88.4 meters

and it was 84 meters long. The maximum

take off weight was 640 tons with the payload of 254 tons of cargo. The length of the

cargo compartment was 43 meters which

is more than Wright brothers’ first flight, 36


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