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Fw. Artur Beese, 9./JG 26, Caffiers, France, August 1940

Arthur Beese was forced to belly-land this aircraft after a “dispute” with RAF fighters near Calais on August

24, 1940. The aircraft carried the camouflage scheme

typical for the summer 1940 period, comprising RLM 02

and RLM 71 on the upper surfaces. Undersurfaces and

fuselage sides were painted in RLM 65. This scheme is an

example of the unusually high and relatively sharp demarcation line of the upper fuselage colors. The octane

marker stencil next to the filler cap is unusual in being

a yellow triangle with a red outline. Beese had been shot

down and captured during the French campaign in the

spring of 1940, then released after France fell. In all,

he scored 22 victories, including seven Soviet aircraft

and six American four-engine bombers. He was killed in

combat with American fighters in February 1944.

Fw. Artur Beese, 9./JG 26, Caffiers, France, August 1940

This is the same aircraft flown by Arthur Beese as

in marking option D but in different camouflage option. Beese´s Bf 109E-1 is usually portrayed with a

yellow cowl and rudder as in option D, but photographs taken at the crash site indicate that the aircraft

was destroyed before the yellow color on rudder and

cowling could be applied.


#8271X Bf 109E-1 1/48

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Bf 109E-1 1/48

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