options, and Greys and camouflaged

aircraft will both be represented. The

decals will be printed by Cartograf,

and as a bonus, the usual photoetching and masks will be complemented by Brassin items, an artwork and

an insignia pin. Along with the Royal

Class, we will also revive the old Beer

Game. Instead of the beer coasters,

there will be self adhesive stickers of

insignia and national markings. The

Royal Class will have its premiere in

June at kit Salon Nymburk. For those

that can’t make, they will have their

chance at the After Party, of course

at an interesting sale price. We will

have a table at this show and it is

one of our to do items for this year.

Incidentally, we would like to put together a chat session with the event

organizers which include a discussion

about significant Czech plastic modellers. I hope the venue has a good

wifi system in place!

Two months after that, in September, 2018, we will release another


BOMBER, representing aircraft built

at Factory Number 30 in Moscow.

These were the planes that here

were painted in the green/brown camouflage scheme. The schemes will

be classic. There will be five and the

ones that are certain at this point are

Czech, Slovak and Vietnamese. The

other two spots are being competed

for by Soviet and later Russian, Egyptian and Iraqi schemes.The boxart

will be of a Vietnamese airplane.

INFO Eduard - May 2018

Another boxing of the MiG-21 can

be expected next year with the coming of Weekend kits as well as Limited Edition ones. The latter will feature a mirror image of the one that

was featured in 1/48th scale dedicated to the service of the MiG-21MF

in the Czechoslovakian, Czech and

Slovak Air Forces. At the end of 2019,

we are anticipating the ProfiPACK

kits of the PF and PFM, which will be

incorporated in the Limited Edition

kit Silver Arrows, also as seen in the

48th scale version. But that is pretty

far off in the future, somewhere mid

2020. So, let’s get back to May, 2018.

Another current release with

a significant Facebook presence is

AFRIKA. This is a 1/48th scale kit in

the Limited Edition line. It contains

the popular Bf 109F-4 and Bf 109G-2

and is theme oriented towards Luftwaffe units serving in North Africa

between 1941 and 1943. That’s why

the main graphic for this item depicts

the Bf 109F-4 flown by the most successful German pilot serving in this

theatre of operations, Hans-Joachim

Marseille. The markings options offer

two Bf 109F-4s, along with a Bf 109G2 of Lt. Crinius of 3./JG 53 in February, 1943 when his unit was based

at Bizert in Tunisia. This is of course

a chronological disparity which is not

entirely uncommon with the Limited

Edition kits but will certainly not be

a detraction for the staunch collectors of Eduard Limited Edition kits.

The boxart on the Limited Edition kits

are more vectored towards graphic

presentation and this is considered

above historical accuracy. The markings options offer aircraft flown by

well known aces, unit commanders,

as well as aircraft flown by lesser

known pilots. We assume that there will be those that the two aircraft

in the kit will not be enough and so

the equivalent Overtree sets are being offered as well. The Africa kit will

also have a BFC offering, and this will

be a self adhesive sticker of JG27.

From today’s standards, it’s true that

this may not be entirely politically

correct, and I hope that no activist

will stumble on this and condemn

it as being an item propogating and

supporting...well, you know what

I mean. In my view, it is a nice piece

depicting an era when the Germans

tried to emigrate to Africa and a period of time when even they ran from

Africa. More information on these

aircraft can be found elsewhere in

this newsletter.

Another extremely striking release

this month is the re-edition of the

Albatros D.V in 1/48th and as a ProfiPACK with a minor change in the

decal sheet and schemes as opposed

to the first release of this kit. This

centres mostly around the colours

of the Lozenge pattern. It should be

noted that the Albatros D.V is one of

the most popular and best sellers of

World War One aircraft in our lineup.