Bf 109E-7, 2./JG 51, Staraya Russa, Soviet Union, Winter 1941

After the deployment at the Channel area of operations, on May 25th, 1941 I./JG 51 was withdrawn to Krefeld to re-supply and re-equip. Here it received

Bf 109F aircraft. 2. Staffel aircraft featured the ETC pylon to carry out the fighter-bomber missions. There were several E-version airplanes remaining on strength. Transfer further East followed the short rest. The new location was an aerodrome nearby the Polish village of Starawies, from where, in the early morning

of June 22nd, 1941 the unit performed the first sortie over the territory of the Soviet Union as a part of the operation Barbarossa.

During the winter time the Luftwaffe aircraft on the Eastern Front were painted on the upper and side surfaces in the white distemper paint to improve the

camouflage. This measure applied to “black 4” as well where the white distemper was not only painted on the original top and side surfaces camouflage but

partially covered the rudder yellow marking as well. The lower surfaces remained in RLM 76 color. The yellow markings indicated the Eastern Front deployment.

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