ristic of the decals. And speaking of

the Du Doch Nicht!! kit, the first pressing sold out very quickly, and the

second one was stocked this week.

Also stocked with it was the second

run of the ProfiPACK Bf 109G-10Erla.

The next kit to be released this

month is the Lysander. This is

a 1:48th scale Limited Edition kit,

and has its origins in the Gavia kit,

and has been released by Eduard

several times as both ProfiPACK and

Limited Edition models. The kit has

certain features that show the age

of the model, and these are compensated for by inclusion of photoetched brass and resin details. The

relatively large decal sheet offers

markings for a mix of British and Finnish Lysanders from varying time

periods throughout its career. All of

the previous releases of this kit sold

out very quickly, and I have no reason to believe that it will be any different with this kit.

We are releasing a Spitfire Mk.VIII

in the Weekend line, and both marking options are dedicated to the

Royal Australian Air Force. These are

attractive schemes, a fact that you

can easily confirm for yourself elsewhere in this newsletter. The same

can be said for the final kit release

of the month, a 1:144th scale MiG-21bis in the now-bagged SUPER44

line. All of the marking options hail

from the 1:48th scale version of this

airplane, and, simply put, are damn

nice, too.

In order to fully take advantage of

our printing capacity, we are preparing another three classic type decal sheets, each containing four or

five options. Two are dedicated to

the Spitfire Mk.VIII, and the third to

the P-38F from Tamiya. All of these,

being slated for June release, are in

1:48th scale.

As is usual, the majority of new

items being released are in the accessory department. These include detail sets, masks, photoetched brass,

Brassins, and increasingly, decal sheets. Among the brass accessories,

I would like to draw your attention

to the two sets for the American

aircraft carrier USS Langley, designed for the 1:350th scale Trumpeter kit. The Langley is an amazing ship owing to her historical

significance, and this will account

for the interest generated by her

in the modelling community. We

have two new sets in 1:35th, for the

INFO Eduard - May 2020

T-72A (Trumpeter) and the R35

French Light Tank (Tamiya). For the

R35, we also have a mask set. In

1:72nd scale, we have sets for the

F-14A (Academy) and the Hurricane Mk.IIc (Arma Hobby), which are

kits that have recently been making

waves among modellers. Both also

have mask sets being produced for

them. Masks and ZOOM sets are

also being produced for the He 162

by Special Hobby. The ZOOM set is

being released on its own because

that little squirt doesn’t offer up

much of an opportunity to supply

anything else that would go beyond

a ZOOM etch. The same can be said

for the T-33 from Platz. We have

also prepared some mask sets for

two Skyhawks from the Polish firm

HOBBY2000. These are repackaged

Fujimi A-4M and OA-4M kits. Together with the new MiG-21bis kit in

1:144th, we have designed a newly

conceptualised photoetched detail

set. In 1:48th scale, I would like to

point out the set for Airfix’s Tiger

Moth, as well as for their Hunters

Mk. F.4 and F.5. There is also a set

to go with our new release of the

Lysander, the same as for the Modelsvit Bf 109C and Kinetic EA-6B.

All three of the latter mentioned kits

have ZOOM sets available for them.

We have one set in 1:32nd, and it is

designed to go with our newly released ProfiPACK Bf 108. It also has

a mask set being released for it in

the TF style, and this includes interi-

or and exterior canopy framing. May

has four new Big Eds coming out.

There three decal sheets, too. These

cover lozenge pattern fabric of different versions for the Fokker D.VII in

1:72nd scale.

In the Brassin line, we have a cockpit set out for the MiG-21PF, and

a separately available SK seat for the

same kit in 1:72nd. Please note, the

seat is being labelled as ‚MiG-21PF

Ejection Seat‘, not as ‚SK Seat‘. There are three new LooK sets, one for

the Tornado GR 1 (Revell/Eduard),

the P-51D-5 (Airfix) and the Bf 108 in

1:32nd, the kit being released by us

this month. Two new LookPlus sets

are out for our P-51s, versions D-5

and D-10. For the 1:32nd Bf 108, there are also two new wheel sets, and

that resin propeller, representing

the wooden unit. As is usual, there

are also different weapons sets being released, in different scales. For

May, these are AIM-54C Phoenix missiles and AIM-9Xs in 1:32nd, JP233

dispensers in 1:48th, and HVARs in

1:72nd. Once again, there are no

new Big Sins for the month, and the

reason for this is that the production

capacity of the Brassin department

is being stretched to the max.

That is it for this month. I wish all

of you good health, patience and success in the coming months. Happy


Vladimir Sulc