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Albatros D.V 4629/17, Lt. Hans-Joachim von Hippel, Jasta 5, Boistrancourt, France, February 1918

Hans von Hippel served with Jasta 5 from December 22, 1917 until August 15, 1918, when he was transferred to Jasta 71. He claimed four

victories, but only two were confirmed. One of these non-confirmed ones were reported by von Hippel on the Russian front when flying

with FA 37. During WWII Hippel flew Ju 52s with the Luftwaffe. He died in 1975. Hippel flew Richard Flashar´s Albatros D.V with red dragon

painted on the fuselage (2065/17) for some time, as he damaged this Albatros D.V during the take-off attempt from the grassland. Von

Hippel tried to rescue his crash-landing comrade Lt. Schlömer, but the take-off was interrupted by the engine malfunction. Later he flew

another Albatros D.V with his personal marking of black, white outlined zigzag arrow on both sides of the fuselage. Apart of this aircraft with

the green/mauve camouflage of the upper surfaces, the later one had the Flugzeugstoff covered wings (Lozenge). The fuselage of both was

painted with the Pfalz silvery „Schutzfarbe“, which was of good supply to the Jagdstaffeln using the Pfalz D.IIIs scouts as well.

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