MP197, No. 245 (North Rhodesian) Squadron, No. 121 Wing, B.164 Schleswig,

Germany, June 1945

MP197 arrived with No. 245 Squadron at the height of the ‘Falaise Gap’ operations in

Normandy, mid August 1944. It appears that it did not carry the code ‘U’ at this time

but was recoded as MR-U’ some time in 1945. It may well have been flown on several

operations by Fl/Lt H. T. ’Moose’ Mossip RCAF and may have been painted with its ‘shark

mouth’ at this time. Mossip was killed on operations on March 7th, 1945 and there is

no information available on its pilots after this date, although S/Ldr Tony Zweigbergk

is known to have flown it on occasions. It remained with No. 245 Squadron post war

and was photographed at Warmwell during the unit’s visit to the APC there in June

1945. When the unit disbanded in Germany it returned to the United Kingdom and was

scrapped at 83 GDC in November 1945.

The kit offers MP197 as photographed after the war in Germany with blue/white marking and white serial number. In April 1945 the appearance of the aircraft was slightly

different, not so colourful. The spinner was black as well as serial number painted of

the fuselage. The white/blue checkered band was still missing. The white patch below

the windscreen appears to be a background for some sort of artwork but what this due

to be and if it was ever applied is not known.

The close up with the two pilots

was taken during the war when

the spinner was black. Unfortunately, who actually flew the MP197

remains obscure. Note the u/c doors are still in a factory painting




MP197 at B.164 airfield in Germany,

June, 1945. White/blule spinner,

checkered fuselage band and u/c

covers arer clearly visible.

INFO Eduard - June 2018