Dear Friends and Modellers,

Here we have another new month

and a whole slew of new items to report on to go with it. We have prepared

five new models for June that we wish

to let you know about, and hopefully

impress you with. In terms of size and

appearance, the most impressive of the

lot is likely to be the SUPERBUG, a 48th

scale Limited Edition release encompassing the F/A-18E Super Hornet. The

kit hails from Hasegawa’s catalog, and

is, as usual, upgraded with our masks,

photoetched brass and resin details.

The decals are printed by Cartograf and

are designed in close so-operation with

Furball Aerodesign, as has become the

standard for all of our recent American

jet releases. There are 2000 kits available, as was the case with the Tornado

F.3, which proved a huge seller in April.

The 48th scale ProfiPACK for the month

is the Fw 190A-8/R2, and this is a continuation of the new line of 190s. This

is one of the most attractive versions

of the whole family, and it’s not just

the moldings that are new, but also

the decal options. Again, we spent a lot

of time and effort on their selection.

At least as much effort was given to the

boxart by Piotr Forkasiewicz and is another depiction that hails from an actual

historical event. The new Sturmbock

isn’t the only new Fw 190 in this month’s release schedule, as we have two

of these ready for release. The second

one is the Fw 190D-9 in 1:144th scale

in the SUPER44 line. This is the first kit

to be released by us from the Japanese

firm Platz. This is also the first kit in the

line to be released in the revised packaging. We have decided to pack these

in small bags, and we will also be giving

our own older kits the same treatment.

From this point on, these will no longer

be released in the Dual Combo format

either, and just the single kit will be packaged. That means that the overall item

will be cheaper than the original boxed

Dual Combo kits. In the future, we will

be releasing kits in this line with Japanese origins as well as that of our own.

The next in line is the A-4F Skyhawk,

and it will be out in August.

The remaining two June kits are the

Spitfire HF Mk.VIII in the Weekend line

in 48th and the SPAD XIII in 48th as

a ProfiPACK release.



Turning our attention to accessory items, we have a set of masks and

photoetched brass coming out for Revell’s 1:32nd F/A-18E Super Hornet. The

masks are available in two versions, the

classic outer surface only and the outside/inside TFace as well. In the same

scale, we are continuing with B-24J releases for the Hobby Boss kit. In the armor scale of 1:35th, we have two sets

for the Jagdpanther G2 from Takom and

a colour set of Israeli flags. While on

the topic of 1:35th scale, I would also

like to turn your attention to two new

weapons sets in the Brassin line, and

these include the German StG.44 assault rifle and the famous American M1.

In 1:350th scale for ship guys, we continue servicing the HMS Exeter with a rail

set. There are masks and photoetched

set completed and ready for release for

the U-2A from AFV Club and two sets

for our own Fw 190A-8 in 1:48th. These

sets, a general set and one that covers

the landing flaps, will fit the new A-8/

R2. Noteworthy is the set for Revell’s

Ju 52, which is still a very nice model,

despite its age. In the classic 1:72nd

scale, the sets for the new Bf 109G-6

from Tamiya deserve a look, and if this

model should seem a little small to you,

we also have masks and two PE sets for

the re-released B-58 Hustler from Italeri. There are sets for the Sunderland,

released by our colleagues at Special

Hobby. By popular request, we have

prepared a somewhat neglected set

for our MiG-21MF, for which there are

long-standing requests to do a set of

FOD covers. To be blunt, we had little

enthusiasm to go into this project. The

problem, among other things, was that

from a technological point of view, it is

not possible to make the intake or exhaust covers removable. In any case,

we went with popular demand and are

releasing a set under the name of MiG21 FOD and the catalog number 672218

with the reminder that the intake and

exhaust covers are intended to be glued

in place. Only in the case of the nose is it

possible to alternate between the cover

or the shock cone.

And that brings us to Brassins for the

month, in which you’ll find four sets for

the Spitfire FR Mk.XIV (Airfix 1:48th),

including a LooK set. The LooK line has

grown also by the addition of a set for

the P-40E in 1:32nd, designed to fit the

Hasegawa kit, and a set for the Ki-61

from Tamiya in 48th. Interesting in their

design are the seats for the F-14D from

Tamiya in 1:48th, and also the cockpit

and the radio set for the Eduard Bf 109E,

also for 1:48th scale. Weapons sets expand by the addition of two 1:72nd scale sets, the AGM-158 and the Shafrir 2.

To round out the traditional breakdown

of new releases, I would like to point out

the four new BigEd sets.

June releases have been available at

brick n’ mortar shops as well as through

the internet for a while now, because

retailers have been having their orders

shipped from the middle of May. The

reason for the quickness has been that

we are moving our main warehouse

and retail operation, and most of you

will have already learned this through

recent newsletters. There was a certain

necessity to get things out sooner to

avoid annoying delays. Our warehouse

is now in an enclosed hall, which will

bring a certain amount of inconvenience for those that are used to picking up

their orders in person. The new procedures for doing so will made available

through a special statement from us.

I will tell you upfront that the procedure

is not yet precisely set.

There is also a temporary effect on

our e-shop during the move. There have

been no orders sent since Tuesday, May

28th, but our e-shop is in full operation

and it is open for business. As of Wednesday, the 29th, all new releases are

available to make it possible to order

them in connection with the sales event

for ModellBrno. Preorders for ModellBrno will be possible until Wednesday,

June 5th, midnight, local time. Please

note that these are dependent on personal pick up at ModellBrno on June

15th. Items cannot be ordered for mail

INFO Eduard - June 2019