Group photograph of the female pilots of the 2nd Flight, 125th gv bap. Maria Dolina is on

the right in the second row.

Female pilots of the 125th gv bap by the tail of one of the unit’s aircraft. They are A. Skoblikova,

V. Matuchina, M. Kirollova, and sitting on the ground is M. Dolina. This was the summer of 1943.

Guards Unit emblem.

Hero of the Soviet Union Gold Star.

Maria Dolina at the time when she was still a Senior Lieutenant, together with

Flight Leader Galina Dzunkovska with the rank of Junior Lieutenant. Gunner/

radio operator Sgt. Solyonov is also in the picture. The shot hails from the

summer of 1943. At the time, the regiment was under its original designation

of 587th bap and was not a Guards unit.

Order of Kutuzov, 3rd Class, with

which the 125th gv bap was honored.

Order of Suvorov, 3rd Class, with

which the 125th gv bap was honored.

Military awards, which were worn on the uniform of Guards Captain Maria Dolina, were in the

form of ribbons.

From left to right, the ribbons are the ‘Order Of Lenin’, the next two are the ‘Order of the Red

Banner’, ‘The Order of the Red Star’, and then the ribbon ‘Medal for Bravery’, ‘Medal for the

Defense of Stalingrad’, and finally the ribbon for the ‘Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic

War 1941-1945’, Above the ribbons are the Hero of the Soviet Union Gold Star.

This is an example of how members of the Red Army wore their commendations.



INFO Eduard - June 2019