Ltn. Franz Büchner, CO of Jasta 13, Trier, Germany, October 1918

A native of Leipzig, Franz Büchner was born on January 2nd, 1898 and volunteered for the army at sixteen years of age. He took part in the fighting in France

and in Russia. In the spring of 1916, he was transferred to the air force, where he first served with FFA 270. He didn‘t serve with a fighter unit until March 1917,

when he was assigned to Jasta 9, and in September of the same year, to Jasta 13. There, he served out the war, and from June 15th, 1918, as the unit‘s commander. Over the course of the Great War, he would accumulate forty kills. He was killed on March 18th, 1920 during civil unrest in Germany, having been shot

down not far from where he was born.

Jasta 13 aircraft were easily identified thanks to the blue colouring of their fuselages and green noses. Franz Büchner had a werewolf against a green background painted on his Fokker D.VII. The wings were covered in a five-colour pattern.

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