Bf 109F-2, Oblt. Hans Phillip, CO of 4./JG 54, Ovsishtshi, Soviet Union, August 1941

Hans “Fips” Phillip, the ace with 206 kills to his credit, achieved during 500 sorties, was born on March 17th, 1917 in Meissen. He

enlisted in the Luftwaffe in 1936. At the beginning of the World War II he served with I./JG 76 which was re-designated II./JG 54

in June 1940. In the ranks of this unit he participated in the combats over the Britain, the Balkans and the operation Barbarossa.

In April 1943 he was promoted to command JG 1 where, on October 8th, 1943, he was shot down and perished during the unsuccessful attempt to save himself on the parachute. For his combat successes he was decorated with the Knight’s Cross with the Oak

Leaves and Swords.

The Messerschmitts Bf 109F-2 received by II./JG 54 in May 1941, were factory painted in RLM 02/71/65 colors, at the unit level

the addition camouflage was sprayed on the side surfaces, typical for this Gruppe Emils since the beginning of 1941. Yellow painted

wing tips lower surfaces and the rear fuselage band indicate the Eastern Front deployment.

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