Spitfire Mk.IXe, 107th Tayeset, Ramat David Air Bases, 1954

Along with the aircraft purchased from Czechoslovakia, the Israeli representatives managed to buy Spitfires from the Italian Air

Force as well. The Spitfire coded 2079 was one of them. The aircraft with unknown serial number had been flown by the 107th

Tayeset (Squadron) and was sold to Burma where it was given the new code UB448. The blue spinner and diagonally striped rudder was a 107th Tayeset marking. The unit badge was usually painted on the port side of the nose and two versions are known –

with and without the blue winged symbol. The only known photo of 2079 depicts the aircraft‘s starboard side only so we added

both versions to the decal sheet.

INFO Eduard - June 2020