Fw 190A-5 light fighter


built by Tomáš Kubíček


Cat. No. 82143

Oblt. Rolf Strohal, Stab I./JG 1, Deelen, the Netherlands, April 1943

#648408 Fw 190A-5 engine & fuselage guns (Brassin)

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#648366 Fw 190A propeller (Brassin)

#648356 Fw 190A wingroot gun bays (Brassin)

#48949 Fw 190A-5 upgrade set (PE-Set)

#48950 Fw 190A-5 landing flaps (fotolept)

Rolf Strohal came from Romania. In 1942 he served at 12. Staffel Jagdgeschwader 1. In April 1943, he was appointed to Technisches Offizier position by I. Gruppe JG 1. In August 1943, he was appointed a commander of 3. Stafel

by the same squadron. In the autumn of that year, he was transferred to a training squadron Jagdgruppe West. On December 31st, 1943, he died serving at this squadron. It happened above the Southwest France while flying

Fw 190A-4, Strohal collided with another aircraft of the same kind. He had 4 recognized shot downs – one Mosquito and three B-17s. In April 1943, Stab I./JG 1 aircraft had their Fw 190 engine covers painted with black and white

horizontal bands. The engine cover also bears insignia of I./JG 1, there is a JG1 insignia painted underneath the cockpit. The camouflage is accompanied by RLM 74/75/76 colours that be complementing the yellow rudder and

bottom part of the engine cover. The sides of the fuselage bear the marking of the plane used by technical officer.

INFO Eduard - June 2020