package of a beautiful airplane, and

each marking is more attractive than

the last. Details may be found elsewhere below.

In the ProfiPACK line, we have prepared another in the family of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190As, this time the dash six.

As with all of the other kits in this line,

the version specific details are diligently addressed and represented, and the

model allows construction with one

of two types of wings used, and with

the internal doors of the wheel well,

or without. With the marking options ,

we did what we could, and I think the

efforts have paid off very nicely. In the

Weekend Line, also in 1:48th scale, we

have the Tempest Mk.V Series 1, with

the standard two marking option, and

in this case, both from the Invasion time


Turning our attention to accessory items, the offerings list is rich this

month, given that new kits for accessory items are not that quick in coming at

the moment. Among the photoetched

and masks, I would like to draw attention to three sets for the RYEFIELD MODELS kit, for which we are releasing our

sets for the first time. Two sets are for

the Panther Ausf.G and one for the Tiger

I. Accompanying these in 1:35th is a set

for the M 108 105mm/L30 howitzer for

the kit produced by AFV Club. Among

aircraft kits in 1:48th, the He 111Z from

ICM gets attention this month, and

these are, among other things, quite

complete. Of course, the same can be

said for the sets for Dragon’s Ju 88G-6,

which have been redesigned and are

being released in an updated guise. The

sets for the Airfix Lightning F.2A are interesting. Due to popular demand, we

are offering sets for the Hobby Boss Me

262A, and worth pointing out are the

Fw 190A-6 and Tempest Mk.V Series 1

sets. In 1:72nd scale, we have June releases for the ICM Po-2, the F-35B from

Academy, and a set in the soon to be

expanded photoetched offerings for

the B-26B/C ‚Wine, Women and Song‘.

For the ship people amongst you, there

is a new set of flags of the German Imperial Navy in 1:700 and in 1:350. Check

out the expanded list of new mask sets,

including the ones in the TF line, many

of which are updates of older sets.

In the Brassin line, I would like to introduce five new LooKs and LookPlus

items. In 1:72nd scale, there is a nice

set of engines for the B-26, also intended to complement the new ‚Wine, Women and Song‘ Limited Edition release,

usable, obviously, for the Hasegawa kit

as well. Interesting and unique are the

set of bronze landing gear legs for the

B-17G in 1:48th scale (for the HKM kit).

INFO Eduard - June 2020

It is not, and it will not be, an inexpensive affair, but it is a quality affair that,

I hope, will find its customers and will

help the kit. On the other side of the

price scale, we have the new wheels for

the Tiger Moth from Airfix in 1:48th scale. Also covering the HKM 1:48th scale

B-17G, we have a set of the defensive

guns, a rather expanded set in its own

right. And while on the subject of weapons, we have the usual assortment of

such items to be hung under your projects, and this month we have four in

both 1:48th and 1:32nd scales.

Also noteworthy this month are the

new decal sheets that are out. Besides

three sheets of Lozenge patterns and

tape sections for the Fokker D.VII, there

are two sheets for the Spitfire Mk.VIII,

designed primarily for the May released

Weekend Edition kit of the Spitfire Mk.

VIII, and one set is for the Tamiya P-38F/G, also in 1:48th. All of these sets

stem from decals that were in our previous kit releases, and in the case of the

Lightning, with new markings. I suggest

a gander at these new sheets, as these

are now representative of our approach

to aftermarket decal sheets that are intended to expand the options available

for, first and foremost, kits of our own

production. But, not limited to kits of

our production. These will cover kits

from other manufacturers as well. Prior to the outbreak that now grips the

world, there was a rather passionate

discussion regarding our sheets, and

this came to a very favourable conclusion at the get together at Artur , so now,

everyone can test them for themselves

to see what they have to offer. In my

opinion, they offer up a lot.

In May, we re-released two sold out

best sellers, the Bf 109G-10 Erla (82164)

and DU DOCH NICHT!! (11137). Currently sold out is the 1:48th Limited Edition

Lysander, and the MiG-21PFM (70144)

in the 1:72nd scale ProfiPACK line. Both

of these will make a return appearance

in the second half of June.

Check out all the new items that are

coming for July, too. I suggest a good,

close look at Wilde Sau/Epizode One:

Ring of Fire. Whoever amongst you likes Messerschmitts, will be in heaven.

In the Brassin line, we will see the impatiently anticipated engine for the P-51D.

In photoetched, masks and Brassin

items, we’ve got the new Mi-24V from

Zvezda covered. Big Eds will see the

first of the 1:48th ones for the B-17G,

and there will be a new BigSin after a

long pause, this time for the 1:48th scale Tornado GR.1/4. The million dollar

question right now concerns the IPMS

Nationals in San Marcos in Texas, and, if

yes, weather or not we will attend. My

feeling is that it will be cancelled, and

we will, obviously, not be there. And if

that does, in fact, become the case, it

will be time for another virtual contest.

We are also getting ready for our event,

the ‘Lost Postman’. On the time of coronavirus, it’s tough to see into the future, and it makes it difficult to plan, but

come what may, the summer with Eduard will be interesting.

Happy Modelling!

Vladimir Sulc

PS. August will be good, too. The Spitfire Story and VLR, Tales of Iwo Jima.

Both in 1:48th. Know what I’m talking