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CS-199.565, trainee Miloš Krč and ppor. Jaroslav Havránek, 4 Air Training Regiment,

Prostějov, 1951

Avia CS-199.565 served in 1951 with the 4 lšp (Air

Training Regiment) Prostějov. On July 31, 1951, the

crew made up of trainee Miloš Krč and instructor

ppor. Jaroslav Havránek were forced into an emer-

gency landing at Tovačov due to engine failure. The

aircraft was subsequently repaired and served on

as a trainer. At the time of the incident, the aircraft

carried no yellow bands on the fuselage or wings.

Currently, this aircraft is on display at the aviation

museum in Kbely, outside of Prague, but its appearance at the museum differs from that of the original

as offered in the kit.

CS-199.574, svob. Karel Tománek and por. František Hamršmíd, 5 Air Training Regiment,

Zvolen, 1952

Avia CS-199.574 served with the 5 lšp (Air Training

Regiment) in 1952, based at Zvolen. On September

12, 1952, svob. Karel Tománek and por. František Ha-

mršmíd were landing at Zvolen, and a brake failure

prevented them from maintaining a straight course

down the length of the runway, resulting in a collap-

sed right landing gear. Avia CS-199.574 carried the

yellow fuselage and wing bands, which were used on

training aircraft.

CS-199.554, svob. Jindřich Flégr and por. Jiří Bůžek, 4 Air Training Regiment,

Prostějov, 1952

This CS-199 served with the 4 lšp (Air Training Regiment) in Prostějov in 1952. On September 2 of that

year, the crew consisting of svob. Jindřich Flégr and

June 2022

por. Jiří Bůžek set down in a field near Čechovice. The

reason for the mishap was engine failure. Further

details on the fate of this aircraft remain unknown.

This aircraft also carried the typical trainer bands

in yellow.

INFO Eduard