were sent in all sold MiG-21MF Royal

Class kits (R0017), and from today they

will go into all packages. The game will

go on while supplies of the stickers last

and I hope you will like them, and that

you will find the game enjoyable. Oh,

and the miss in the bikini will also be

issued as an EduArt print.

Today also marks the beginning of

our ‚Month of Our Trees‘, which is the

name of an event the aim of which is

to sell a greater number of Overtrees.

I suspect that what Overtrees are is not

a secret and you know the concept.

If not, further information may be

gotten here. The Month of Our Trees ends on July 31, and a list of the

Overtree items available may be find

further in the newsletter.

The Kitsaloon Nymburk show went

off in June, too. It was held in the same

venue in Lysa nad Labem that will host

E-day on September 28th. The only real

difference will be in the size dedicated

to the show. Kitsaloon saw use of only

half of the hall, while E-day will use it all.

The experience and what amounted to

a trial run in Kitsaloon was a good one

and we have had no negative feedback.

Preparations for E-day are in full swing

and we are working on the program details, and should you like any sort of indication as to the admissions model for

the show, than the only clue I can offer

is that will be closely tied to the aforementioned program.

We should have a quick look at new

items for July. The main attraction is

obviously the Royal Class boxing of the

MiG-21MF in 1:72nd scale, and this is

a very attractive package for the Czech

and Slovak markets. The contents of

the kit includes two models, one in

each of two production versions. I have

a strong suspiscion that only a chosen

few have a clear understanding of the

actual differences of these production

variants. For that reason, I recommend

monitoring our Facebook profile, where

these differences have already been explained, but further details are, of course, outlined here in this newsletter as

well. The kit contains Cartograf printed

decals with options for a dozen birds

with a large sheet of stencil data printed by Eduard. There are also the obligatory photoetched accessories, masks,

Brassins and poster. Pretty much a standard Royal Class item, I would think. In

the case of the ProfiPACK line, we are

releasing a night fighting version of

the SE.5a, with three versions of flame

dampers in resin, four markings options

including a striking checkered airplane.

INFO Eduard - July 2018

That one requires the inclusion of an extra set of markings sheet. The Weekend

Line is represented by a release of another Messerschmitt G-2, flown by the

well known Hptm. Carganic with a figure of Mickey Mouse. The option covers

an aircraft flown by Johanes Trauloft.

There are two new accessory items

in the Löök line, and these are for the

P-51D and for the P-51D-5 from Tamiya,

both in 1:32nd scale. The Brassin line is

carrying on with new sets for the MiG-21MF, and in 1:32nd scale, we have

the final sets for the Revell Fw 190A-8.

In 1:48th, we have developed a set of

20mm ammunition belts and British BL

755 Cluster Bombs, which have been

items fiercely requested by modellers,

as were the 1:48th scale ejection seat

handles for Russian seats. Modellers

also appear to not be able to be without sets for the GWH Su-35S despite

the fact that the kit appears to be rather

difficult to find. Also in 1:48th scale, the

sets for the nightfighting Defiant NF.1

from Airfix and the He 111H-6 from ICM

will prove to be interesting. In 1:72nd

scale, we are dressing up the Tamiya Ki61 and the new Airfix Sea King. There

are three armour models being covered in 1:35th scale, the Panther A from

Takom, in this case a later variant, the

M3A3 from Kintetic and for the modern

American M35A2 truck. I shouldn’t

forget to mention the Meng 1:700 scale Bismarck sets. The first of these has

been a long time coming, as it’s been

a while since we have released anything

in that scale.

July will be a different month, in

which not too much will be happening.

We Czechs start the first week of July

off with two holidays, so work is not

too intense, and Eduard will be no exception. I don’t really expect things to

start picking up again until probably

the beginning of August, when we will

hold our Afterparty event in connection

with the IPMS Nationals in Phoenix, and

when the Bf 109G-10, along with the

other new August items, hit the market.

August items are also covered in this

newsletter, so they are here, if you want

‚em. And finally, no surprise, but we will

be at that IPMS National Convention in

Phoenix. Hope to see you here.

Happy Modelling!

Vladimir Sulc.