in the spring of 1937, hence even the ‘Mickeys’ painted on

the initial ‘Emils’ slightly differ in details from those seen on

the aircraft from the last deliveries. The presence of the unit

emblems on the particular aircraft and the photos taken after

the end of the war at Leon airfield, 22 where the Bf 109 Es were

grouped in rows in accordance with their Staffel assignment,

enabled this author to confirm the allocation of the following

aircraft to the respective squadrons:

1. J/88: 6•87, 6•92, 6•93, 6•104, 6•116, 6•119, 6•125;

2. J/88: 6•89, 6•102, 6•107, 6•111, 6•112, 6•120, 6•121,

6•122, 6•126, 6•127;

3. J/88: 6•91, 6•99, 6•101, 6•106, 6•108, 6•109, 6•110,

6•123, 6•124, 6•128, 6•129.23

The only known personal emblem applied to an ‘Emil’ from

Jagdgruppe 88, was carried by the aircraft coded 6•123. Its

pilot, Oblt. Hans Schmoller-Haldy of 3. J/88, chose a tankard

full of beer, with letters ‘CP’ on the side, in order to celebrate

the ‘Brotherhood of Cardinal Paf’, an international pilot drinking

club which was had been founded around 1932 in Belgium.

Other personal markings were just names or slogans, applied

in white on the nose (6•107 ‘Mors-Mors!’) or near the cockpit

(6•91 ‘Vati’, 6•106 ‘Der Eiserne Gustav’, 6•111 ‘Bärchen’).

Victory markings in form of white bars are known to be applied

to the tail fin of only one Bf 109 E, namely the 6•91. However,

the five bars carried by this aircraft may represent the tally

of more than one pilot, and it is unknown whether they had

actually been scored whilst flying this particular Bf 109 E-3.

Source: Erik Mombeeck coll.

Bf 109s from 3. J/88. The first three aircraft are Bf 109 E-3s coded 6•99, 6•101 and

6•91. Other photos of the latter machine clearly reveal that the white inscription under

the cockpit reads ‘Vati’ (‘Daddy’), and that the tail fin is adorned with five white victory

bars. The only pilot with five victories that served with 3./J 88 in that period,

was Lt. Wolfgang Lippert, but it is more likely that these kill markings could belong to

various members of the Staffel. Behind the 6•91, we can identify at least three Bf 109

D-1s: 6•79, which was the mount of the top Legion Condor ace, Oblt. Werner Mölders,

and is adorned with an impressive scoreboard of twelve victory bars; 6•76 with the

barely visible name ‘Bubi’ painted on the engine cowl and three victory bars applied to

the fin; and 6•78, whose fin features six kill markings. All these aircraft carried ‘Mickey

Mouse’ insignia.

Bf 109E-1, Oblt. Hans Schmoller-Haldy,

3. J/88, Spain, 1938

Source: Carlos Vidriales Garcia coll.

A rare picture showing the Bf 109 E-1 coded 6•123 in almost its full glory. The aircraft seen in the foreground is Bf 109 E-3 coded 6•128.



INFO Eduard - July 2019