Dear Friends,

We have one busy month now behind as at Eduard. After a two-week

move of our entire warehouse and

retail section, we switched our focus

to handling preorders associated

with the ModellBrno show, took part

in it, then conducted its Afterparty

event, and turned to July’s releases

that need to go out to retailers and

distributors. The running of the new

warehouse, and all that is associated with it, is settling down now. We

have yet to figure out how items can

be picked up in person, because the

new facility is not easily accessed

by visitors. In all likelihood, we will

arrange to have everything picked

up in person at the reception desk

of our main building in Obrnice. The

added workload there still needs to

be addressed, though. I am hopeful

that the pickup of orders personally

will be in full swing by the end of the

summer holidays. Unfortunately,

the move of the warehouse buried

a palette containing the admissions

model for ModellBrno somewhere,

and this wasn’t discovered until the

Friday night of the show. In theory,

it would have been possible to drive

from Brno to Most along the highway formerly known as D1, but every

Czech knows very well that in reality,

this would have been an exercise in

futility. I would advise any and all visitors to our beautiful country to keep

these words of wisdom in mind while here. I apologize to all who were

affected by the displacement of that

one palette. I hope we can make this

up to you at E-day, where this year,

the admissions kit will be very nice

indeed. This one little hiccup aside,

Modellbrno was really good this

year, and I think generally very satisfying to all. The only grumblings

voiced, that we noticed, centred

around the national championships

for the juniors, which is almost a bit

of a tradition. Perhaps the powers

that be that govern this contest as

a whole will address the voiced concerns, but I have my doubts. Someone swiped my Tempest Mk.V Royal

Class kit publication from the display

table, which I found to be confusing,

because according to a recent ran4


king of the most honorable nations

in terms of returned or not returned

lost wallets, the Czechs placed in the

top ten. And now this! But, on the

other hand, there was great coffee

available in the display hall, and the

atmosphere was amazing. As a result, I was able to survive this minor

transgression, but I still hope that

the thief’s vision is blurred while going through the book. On Sunday,

my wife took me on a tour of Staissni

Villa, which is a mesmerizing structure, and is also interesting by virtue of

its display pertaining to the development of rail travel in Bohemia and

Moravia through the 19th century.

This fit in nicely with the National

Championships in model railroading,

which was also a part of this year’s

ModellBrno. No one complained at

all about that segment of the show.

So, all in all, a great event, and I am

hopeful that it will continue on this

way in the future.

In terms of what needed to be

done by our manufacturing section,

which included the clearing of space

for new printing equipment, which,

as intended, should push us into

more modern times, we also made

feverish progress on the moulds for

the Mustang. In June, we got to the

point of having test shots of all the

sprues of the F-6D, save for the fuselage, and the first three sprues are

being produced for the first kit being

prepared. This will be the Limited


CHOO, being readied for release in

the first week of August outside of

the normal release schedule. This is

for the IPMS National Convention in

Chattanooga, Tennessee. The convention starts on August 7th, and

also signals the first day of availabi-

lity of the kit. In the end, and after

some hesitation, we will be releasing

a run of 3,000 kits. The parts layout

and the markings options are shown

in this newsletter. The intensity with

which we have been working on the

development of the Mustang kit has

not been without a tax. It has come

at the expense of a delay in the completion of our 1:48th scale Bf 109G6/AS, which was supposed to be one

of our new releases. Unfortunately,

this won’t happen, and its release

date, due to workload, has been

pushed to November. These two old

war enemies have been in conflict

even in our own release schedule, it

would seem.

Talking about new releases, if somewhat distant at this point, brings

us to July items. Among these will

be the conceptual stand-out Tempest Mk.V Royal Class kit in 1:48th,

which will include a publication by

Chris Thomas as the main bonus.

Not to be outdone, the markings options will include both wartime and

postwar subjects, and will not lack

tow aircraft. These latter versions

will include resin towing gear. The

decals are printed by Cartograf, and

the accessories will include the standard photoetched frets, masks and

a selection of resin details.

July sees the return, by popular demand, of our 1:32nd scale

Bf 109E, as a Limited Edition kit labeled LEGION CONDOR. This boxing

includes one kit, with the option of

making it either an E-1 or an E-3 version. The markings are a little fad-ish,

but still very interesting, and this kit

also comes with a selection of masks and photoetched and resin detail

items. This kit is accompanied by

the article about the Legion Condor,

INFO Eduard - July 2019