Fw 190A-8/R2, Uffz. Erich Keller, 5.(Sturm)/ JG 4, Babenhausen, Germany, December 1944

Uffz. Erich Keller was an example of the short but intensive life of the Sturmjäger. His service with II.(Sturm)/ JG 4 was preceded by that of 2./ ZG 1, where he

flew Ju 88s against RAF Coastal Command aircraft over the Bay of Biscay. With this unit, on June 6th, 1944, he flew combat missions against the invasion

in northern France and was shot down and wounded near Caen. As a Sturmjäger within the Defence of the Reich, he gained his first victory on September

28th, when he was credited with downing a P-38. On October 6th, he shot down two B-17Gs during a single mission and by the 14th of October he had raised

his total to five kills. During one combat action of II.(Sturm)/ JG 4 on December 23rd, 1944, he was shot down but managed to set down near his home

in Brackenheim. He was able to spend two days with his family. He was shot down flying the illustrated aircraft here. Shortly thereafter, on his return to his unit,

he took part in Operation Bodenplatte, during which he was shot down over Belgium and has been listed as MIAever since.

INFO Eduard - July 2019