Limited Edition kits or ProfiPACKS, as was the

case of the Spitfire Mk.VIII sheet released last

month. We are also preparing sheets for the

F6F-3 in 1:48th scale along these lines, and for

the Bf 108 in 1:32nd. With these, we will also

be releasing sheets covering stencil data and

national markings. The combination of these

three sheet concepts should ensure excellent

coverage of schemes for the released kits. We

will also be introducing a small technological

improvement, that will apply a slightly thicker

carrier film on the sheets starting with August

releases. This should eliminate any discomfort

in the application of our decals. The discussions within the introduction of these products will also focus on the versatility of these


The final block will be dedicated to new products. It will be a short presentation outlining

new items for September and October, and

something about E-day. There will also be the

introduction of a newly developed product,

spatial decals intended, first and foremost, for

aircraft interiors. They can be considered as

alternatives to photoetched brass parts. This

line will be called Eduard SPACE and Eduard

SPACE PLUS. SPACE will only be a decal set,

typically of the instrument panel, sidewalls

and panels, and seatbelts. SPACE PLUS will

have the addition of photoetched seatbelts

(Steelbelts style probably), perhaps a mask,

and maybe even some resin. I am impressed

with this new product. There is still a little bit

of fine tuning to be done, but I think they will

appear on the market in a timely manner.

In terms of new releases for July, we have

a small faux pas to report at this time. We managed somehow to pack the P-47D Razorback

plastic into the P-47D Bubbletop boxes in the

SUPER44 series of 1:144th scale kits. This was

done even before July began, and a few hundred of these went out to retailers and distributors before the mistake was discovered. We

came across the error only about two days

after the kits went out, but that is of little consolation, I know. It’s not a lot of kits, but you

know how it goes. They’re out there now, and

not much can be done. They’re a little like cockroaches that way. We are trading these for

the correctly packaged items, and are doing

what we can to stop the improperly packaged

ones from getting from the retailers to the

end users, but we have already received some

requests for an exchange. If this little mishap

should concern you, please accept my apology. These things do happen!

The new above noted August Limited Edition releases are not the first theme based items

with a distinct storyline in our catalog. In truth,

we have been doing these sorts of things for

a long time, and they are in a constant evolution and in a process of being perfected. Kits

like ‘Wine, Women and Song’, and ‘Desert

Babe’, can be added to this category easily.

Probably the epitome of the idea was reached

with the recent ‘Du docht nicht!!’, dedicated

to the aircraft of Ernst Udet. The August release of the ‚Spitfire Story‘ pushes this concept even a little further, and is closer to perfection still, as defined by the concept. In July,

we are releasing another Limited Edition item

that flows along these lines. This is dubbed

WILDE SAU Episode One: RING of FIRE. It is in

1:48th scale, and is likewise dedicated to the

theme of world aviation history. The theme

is aircraft flown by the German Luftwaffe in

the night fighting role by Wilde Sau units JG

INFO Eduard - July 2020

300, JG 301 and JG 302. Because this is such

a widely encompassing theme, covering

a large number of aircraft types, we have decided to spread it over three volumes, or episodes. The first is today’s WILDE SAU Episode

One: RING of FIRE. It is dedicated to the service of the Bf 109G-6 used by the aforementioned units. The kit is of the Dual Combo type

comprising two models, and offers ten marking options. The item also includes some bonuses, as is normal in these. The second volume of this trilogy kit will be called WILDE SAU

Episode Two: The GHOST HUNTERS, and will

be dedicated to the Bf 109G-14/AS and G-10,

while the final installment of the series will be

called WILDE SAU Episode Three: The FINAL

COUNTDOWN. The latter will be dedicated

to various versions of the Fw 190. The three

volumes will be released with about a year’s

interval. More details about the contents can

be found in today’s newsletter. I think that you

will be as impressed as I was, and I think that

this set is destined for best seller status. Don’t

hesitate in the purchase of these, as they will

only be released to the tune of 3,000 pieces,

and will not be repeated. One of the interesting things related to WILDE SAU Episode One

kit is that we will be releasing two associated

separate decal sheets in August for them, in

the Eduard Decal line, to cover options that

would’ve been nice to include in the box itself,

but there were simply too many of them.

In the ProfiPACK line, in 1:48th scale, we

will be revisiting an older World War One kit,

the Morane Saulnier Type N. The molds are

admittedly some twenty years old now, but

they have held up well, and the kit is a quality kit. They were part of a later group of kits

that enjoyed more modern and efficient production methods. I believe they will impress

a new and younger audience. In the Weekend

line, in 1:48th scale, there will be an F6F-3

Hellcat, and it will have an associated release

of a dedicated separate decal sheet in the

Eduard Decal line. I have already mentioned

the P-47D Bubbletop in the SUPER44 line. This

kit is being rescheduled from May due to the

packing error. A somewhat adventurous set of

circumstances surrounding the delivery from

Japan have had their impact on the described

packaging issue, but I do not want to use that

as an excuse. For similar reasons, though, the

release of the 1:72nd L-29 Delfin (ProfiPACK)

has been moved to August.

The accessory items that are being released

for July are very heavily dependent on the

new Zvezda Mi-24V in 1:48th. The kit itself

got a lot of what-for on the internet forums,

with most of the gripes being levied against

a lack of interior detail and surface scribing.

I don’t quite understand it. It’s the same people who rip into Zvezda for the soft surface

textures that praise another kit’s surface

for being as smooth as a baby’s bottom. So,

I hope that sometime soon, there will be

a convention somewhere, and maybe someone will be able to explain this to me. Even we

are finding out that the surface details on our

models are redundant or unnecessary, and

that this especially applies to the raised rivets

that are on our Spitfire. But, if we didn’t treat

the surfaces like we do, then we’d end up getting a second one ripped into us like Zvezda.

Man, it would be good to know how to please


Even so, we are dedicating a lot of effort towards the new Mi-24. We have some eleven

sets ready for it in July in the different lines.

There are two mask sets, including the TF type

which is quite useful for this kit, given the cockpit layout, and in the Brassin line we have

a LooK set as well some wheels, we have interior and exterior sets in the photoetched line,

seatbelts, and other fine little items. Other

sets, first and foremost in the Brassin line,

are being prepared for the upcoming months,

some weapon sets will be made available in

August, and then we will get into some more

involved projects for it. Besides the Brassin

sets, we are also looking at a couple of decal

sheets. One will cover Czech aircraft, and the

other foreign ones. The Hind is also the subject for the newly developed SPACE 3D decals,

and a conversion set is being developed for

the Mi-24D. We are also considering a Limited

Edition Mi-24 boxing, which we could have for

release at E-day in 2021 or 2022.

Another very significant item in the Brassin

line is the long awaited engine set for the

P-51D in 1:48th, designed for our own Eduard

kit. It’s not as much an accessory or detail set

as it is a model unto itself. There are other

items of interest in the Brassin line, such as

the B-61 nuclear weapon, and other weapon

sets, including those in the Big Sin line with

seven sets for the Tornado GR.1/4 (Eduard/

Revel). They include, firstly, another LookPlus,

for the Bf 109G-6 and Ki-61 from tamiya, and

a LooK set for the early version of the MiG-21MF from Eduard and the above mentioned

Mi-24, all, naturally, in 1:48th scale. Also interesting are the exhaust nozzles for the F-14D

(1:48th) and, as another example, the B-26

wheels. These have a different tread pattern

than that found in Wine, Women and Song.

Turning to photoetched, I would like to bring

your attention to the newly re- released and

lightly enhanced sets for the Hurricane Mk.I

and the Spitfire Mk.I from Airfix, the sets for

the Dragon Bf 110D, and the Accurate Miniatures SBD-, under the Academy label. In

1:32nd scale, we have sets covering the PT-17

Kaydet from Roden, and on offer are three

sets in 1:35th: the M16 (AFV Club), SU 122

from Zvezda, and the Grant Mk.II from MiniArt. For the ship people amongst you, we have

a set for the HMS Dreadnaught 1915, which

has garnered a lot of praise on its release. There are also six BigEds being released.

All of this and more in today’s newsletter.

I hope you find yourself inspired as you read

on. Happy Modelling!

Vladimir Sulc