New masks by Eduard

Mask sets and equipment needed for spraying.

Starting in July, we are introducing new types

of masking sets, which are designed to make the

spraying of some of the more difficult or specific

parts of the models easier. They are introduced

in two series with the first one designed for

spraying distinctive surface panels, like the

now released set designed to mask out different

shades of metal panels on the P-51 Mustang.

The second series of the new masks is intended

for spraying the insignia or other markings

suitable for spraying using masks. In this case,

let’s take the example of the just-released

sets of insignia for the Zero and P-51 Mustang.

Other sets of masks will follow. For example,

masks to facilitate the spraying of Meng’s

F-4E Phantom’s landing gear bays and

airbrakes are due to August 2023. We believe

the new masks will save many modelers time

in preparations of the model for spraying. They

are easy to use, as the following photo report


Application of the first

metallic layer of Gunze



INFO Eduard

July 2023