Again, these blue-grey surfaces were toned down by spraying

a mottle using C367 with a few drops of off-white C069.

The outer surfaces were painted with Gunze C367 Blue-Grey mentioned

in the instructions.

The interiors of the larger surfaces of the

housing were lightened by spraying with

a mixture of Gunze C306 and off-white, C069.

As per the instructions, the reducer of the drive unit was sprayed

with Gunze C306 Grey.

All relief, corners, screws and lines were treated

with a very thinned transparent smoke color

using Gunze C101.

Manifolds for the individual pistons were

painted black using an AK Interactive brush.

I painted the protective jacket of the ignition system cables

using a brush with a mixture of red (Mr. Paint) and earth

brown (AK interactive 3rd generation).

The distributor is glued to the engine body and needs to

be painted with Gunze C306. I mixed a similar shade using

black (AK Interactive) and dirty white (Vallejo) with the

intention of brushing this on.

July 2023

INFO Eduard