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WNr. 1230, Obstlt. Walter Oesau, CO of JG 2, Beaumont le Roger,

France, June 1943

Walter “Gulle” Oesau joined JG 2 “Richthofen”

before the war and in April 1938 was transferred

to Legion Condor in Spain. In August 1940, already

as CO of 7./JG 51, he was awarded Knight’s Cross

after gaining 20 victories in WWII. He briefly led

III./JG 51 and in November was appointed CO of

III./JG 3. On July 15, 1941, his victory tally had

reached 80 and at the end of July 1941, he took

command of JG 2 in France. Oesau recorded

his 100th victory on October 26, 1941 and was

appointed Kommodore of JG 1 in November 1943,

following the death of Oberst Hans Philipp. On

May 11, 1944, Oesau was shot down and killed by

P-38s in the cockpit of Bf 109G-6/AS (WNr. 20601)

“Green 13” near St Vith. “Gulle” Oesau scored 127

victories in over 300 combat missions. Nine of

them in Spain, 74 in the West and 44 over the

Eastern Front. This Fw 190A-5 was manufactured

by Focke-Wulf in Marienburg in the first half of

1943. Camouflage consisted of RLM 74, 75 and 76

color shades with spinner painted RLM 70. The

rudder sported symbols of five victories (101st to

105th) against four-engined bombers.


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Fw 190A-5 Weekend (PE-Set)

Fw 190A exhaust stacks (Brassin)

Fw 190A propeller (Brassin)

Fw 190A-5 engine & fuselage guns (Brassin)

Fw 190A-5/U12 gun pods (Brassin)

Fw 190A-5 (Mask)

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