No. 1019, flown by 1st Lt. Sadik, No. 11 Squadron, Al Rasheed Air Base, Iraq, 1980

MiG-21MF numbered 1019 took part in the Yom Kippur War when it served as part of the expeditionary

force with No.11 Squadron when it was sent to Syria. On October 22nd, 1973, according to Arab sources

unconfirmed by Israeli ones, Namiq Saadallah shot down an Israeli Mirage III. Seven years later, in the war

with Iran, 1st Lt. Sadik shot down an Iranian F-4E Phantom II with an R-13M missile flying this airplane.

The front of the aircraft carried the Arabic numerals 1019 and below the windscreen was a record of the

kills achieved in this aircraft.

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